Young Democrats make return with night out in capital city


PROVIDENCE — The Young Democrats are back and ready to make their mark on Rhode Island politics. That is the message from a group of up-and-coming organizers and activists who are establishing a state affiliate of the Young Democrats of America here in Rhode Island.

YDRI will be hosting Rhode Island’s “Drinking Liberally” event on Wednesday, Feb. 20, from 7-9 p.m. at the Wild Colonial, and will be holding a launch party and cocktail hour on Tuesday, Feb. 26, at 6 p.m. at Aspire Restaurant in Providence—all are encouraged to attend to learn more about the organization’s goals, plans, and how young people across Rhode Island can get involved.

“Having an active and engaged young electorate is vitally important to a healthy democracy,” said Alex Morash, the President of the Young Democrats of Rhode Island (YDRI). “YDRI works to encourage young Rhode Islanders to become engaged in the Democratic Party and to advocate for the needs and interests of young people within the party and in the halls of government.”

YDRI’s board members hail from organizations representing many of the vital constituencies of the Democratic Party, including Clean Water Action, Planned Parenthood, the Progressive Democrats of Rhode Island, the Providence Student Union and Ocean State Action. Also on the board are State Senator Adam Satchell of West Warwick—a young Democrat himself—and Anthony DeRose, Chairman of the Rhode Island Democratic Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Caucus.

“The Young Democrats provide a valuable means for engaging with elected leaders about the needs of our generation and the issues that concern us,” said Kristina Fox, Executive Vice President of YDRI and the Director of Organizing for Ocean State Action. “Our generation must participate in the discussion about job creation, student loans, civil rights, reproductive justice, immigrant rights, education, poverty reduction and labor rights. These and many other issues directly affect young people, and we need to advocate for fair and just solutions."

The Young Democrats of Rhode Island plan to work for those solutions by helping to elect young Rhode Islanders and candidates that will fight for the interests of young Americans, as well as engaging more young Rhode Islanders in advocacy around the issues that matter to them most.


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As an "old" democrat, I am certainly happy to see a commitment to democracy in young people, but I must take issue with the name of their upcoming event, "Drinking Liberally." At a time when we are trying to stem the use of drugs and alcohol in young and old people alike, naming their event as such shows a lack of maturity and relays an image of a bunch of drunk, rousing frat boys. I would hope that they are more serious in their political representation. If this group is just a social organization, I would ask that they remove "Democrats" from their name to avoid tainting the rest of us.

Monday, February 18, 2013 | Report this

I got some questions for YDRI and they can use google if they want.

What IL democrat was recently re-elected while attending a mental health clinic?

What IL democrat family was recently convicted of stealing campaign funds and are awaiting sentencing?

What NJ democrat is currently under FBI investigation for underage domican prostitutes and steering government contracts to a dominican client?

What is an abortion?

What is anti-abortion?

On 1/20/2009 how much was:

Gallon of Gas?

Pound of steak?

Actually, is anything less expensive than four years ago?

Who is the only president to be re-elected with less popular votes than his first election?

What company, or companies, of a prominent obama backer received a billion dollar tax break last year?

How many soldiers were part of the obama Afghan surge?

How many soldiers died in Afghanistan or Iraq last year?

How many people were fired or demoted after sending 30 SEALS to their death in a undersized, overloaded helicopter days after the dealth of obl?

How many US Generals have been fired or replaced over the last four years?

How many innocent foreign children have been killed with US drones?

How many Americans have been killed overseas, without trial, by US drones?

How many US Drones have been "lost" or given to our enemies over the last four years?

Is Guantanamo Bay still open?

Are armed drones legal in RI?

List how many RI senators and house members voted FOR the Iraq war?

What RI senator said you were a racist if you opposed any obama policy?

How much does the executive director and board members of YDRI receive in compensation?

How much in taxes did YDRI pay last year?

Monday, February 18, 2013 | Report this

Dave ? Dave ? Dave's not here. Dave's studying his Rhetoric For Dummies. Got a lot of questions there Dave. Clearly you know little about everything. Research Republican President Bush's fondness for the word prudence.

Research Republican President Bush's son President Bush's record in office.

Research politics. Research popular vote. Those may answer some of your queries.

Monday, February 18, 2013 | Report this

Cynthia, as the article states, "all are encouraged to attend to learn more about the organization’s goals, plans, and how young people across Rhode Island can get involved." Before judging, why don't you try to learn a bit more about the organization. I know some members personally I can assure you that there are intelligent, dedicated young adults who have done much for the democratic party through volunteer work and otherwise. More than many "old democrats" I know. Plenty of serious organizations have cocktail parties and other social events. I think you're being a little extreme here if you are actually offended by this. It is one event, not the group name.

Thursday, February 21, 2013 | Report this

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