Letter: Republicans masquerading as Tea Partiers


Dear Editor:

In response to a letter of Aug. 25, 2011, from a pretend candidate to Republican public office headlined “Don’t Blame the Tea-Party,” I regret to inform you that you have been consistently wrong on that score(extremely wrong), terminating  with the current shutdown of the federal government and the impending possibility that we become  a  country of deadbeats. I knew at that time that public events  would prove us right if we simply waited for the Tea-Party (like Communism) to implode from the burden of its own imbecility.  Our miscalculation was that it would take this long, and risk damaging the whole country in the interim, a very costly form of “I told you so.” Again this proves that there is seldom pleasure to be gained from being right, extremely right.

Imagine our consternation upon being told by a retired U.S. Army general that we, the common folk and taxpayers, were not entitled to the same health care as he was? Obamacare,  a  form of publicly regulated health insurance (Obamacare) was called socialism, when we all knew that these military families and politicians benefitted from publicly paid health care via the VA or other systems. Why would these beneficiaries of our largesse deny us an equally fair opportunity?

The obvious wrongdoers in the current hostage-taking government shutdown episode are the Tea-partiers masquerading as Republicans. Hopefully the real Republican party will wake up and rid their ranks of these radical trouble makers before a real catastrophe occurs. The 2014  Republican party would gain a lot of respect from abandoning this effort to re-enact the  Goldwater/Gingrich/ Conservative debacle of the past and return to their middle-of-the-road moderate roots.


George Burman

66 Highland Road


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Mr. Burman’s rambling and incoherent letter of October 4, 2013 makes one wonder if the government shutdown has interrupted his medication supply. To make reference to a letter written over two years ago without directly quoting specific passages seems to be a strange way of making an argument. But this does not stop Mr. Burman from bloviating at length.

One could easily imagine Mr. Burman being in a perpetual state of consternation, but somehow we strain to see Mr. Burman as one of the “common folk”. We are at a loss to understand the point of his reference to a retired Army General. We wonder by what form of logic “common folk Burman “ would be entitled (yes, he used entitled) to the same benefits as someone who served their country in our armed forces for 20 or more years. We would be curious to learn just how Mr.Burman earned (yes, earned) the same medical benefits. Perhaps he believes that his demonstrated propensity for creating copious amounts of carbon dioxide has earned him such benefits. One suspects that all veterans in our community would find Mr. Burman being entitled to the same benefits they earned (yes, that awful word) as an not an “equally fair opportunity”.

Also, in the interest in being factual, Tea Party members advocate for the following: smaller government, lower taxes, personal accountability, individual responsibility, a balanced federal budget and reduction of the national debt. Mr. Burman apparently believes that anyone who seeks to achieve these national goals is an imbecile? We encourage (reluctantly) Mr. Burman to write another letter to the editor in which he explains the factual basis for his misguided belief.

Finally, we find that Mr. Burman’s criticism of the Republican Party of Goldwater/Gingrich/Conservative era demonstrates a fundamental mis-reading of American history. It was during this era that the economy was strong and that both parties negotiated and compromised on many important pieces of legislation such as a balanced budget and welfare reform. It appears that Mr.Burman does not let mere facts get in the way of his view of the world.

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