Letter: Is Bristol really better together?


To the editor:

I would like to take exception to Alayne White’s letter in your recent edition of Feb. 20, 2014. Ms. White shows a complete lack of respect for the experience of one of our town’s senior political leaders and lack of understanding of the principle of majority rule. Mr. Faria had the good sense to admit that the party may have made a mistake in endorsing a certain candidate who broke his word at the very first opportunity. Most of us registered Democrats will respect Mr. Faria all the more for his speaking up at this time. An endorsed candidate who broke his word on a very important issue after being elected is not unusual, but he definitely does not deserve the continued support of his political party.

Ms. White unfortunately completely misses the point of majority rule. Her unwarranted attack on Mr. Faria also shows a complete disregard for the honesty and integrity which we expect from our politicians.


George Burman

66 Highland Road



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Local Bargain Jerk

-- Ms. White unfortunately completely misses the point of majority

-- rule.

And you, Mr. Burman, unfortunately completely miss the point of voting for what's best for Bristol versus voting for what a particular party instructs.

Ms. White is entitled to her opinion and she expressed it civilly and fairly. You are also entitled to your opinion, but characterizing Ms. White's words as an "unwarranted attack" is less than civil.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014 | Report this

To the Editor,

I take issue with several of Mr. Burman’s comments noted supra. Yet, we are all entitled to our opinions as I was in my February 13, 2014 Letter to this Editor re “Mr. Sweeney should be commended for choosing Ms. Parella.” I would urge Mr. Burman to reread my letter as well. In my letter, I pointed out the facts and logic of why Mr. Sweeney’s nomination and vote for Ms. Parella was the correct and proper thing to do for Bristol.

I do find it interesting, however, that no one on the Bristol Democratic Town Committee (BDTC) has criticized nor excommunicated Mr. Stuart, the Democrat Town Councilor and member of the BDTC that nominated and voted for Mr. Herreshoff, a Republican like Ms. Parella, to be the Town Council Vice Chairperson. It should be noted that I applaud Mr. Stuart’s vision and courage in his nomination and vote for Mr. Herreshoff. It should also be noted that Mr. Sweeney nominated and voted for Mr. Stuart, a fellow Democrat, to be the Vice Chairperson.

I am deeply troubled by the fact that the BDTC saw it fit to only attack and thus single out Mr. Sweeney. It would be interesting to learn the BDTC’s rationale behind this apparent pick and choose approach to, as Mr. Burman noted, “the principle of majority rule.”

The bottom line in all of this, as I stated in my February 13, 2014 letter to this Editor, is that Mr. Sweeney was elected by the citizens of Bristol to be a Town Councilor to do what is best for Bristol. Doing the bidding of the BDTC is not what I voted for nor I suspect what most of Bristol’s citizens voted for. Mr. Sweeney continues to support what is best for Bristol and will, once again, have my vote.

Stephen P. Katz

42 River St.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014 | Report this

Well said Mr. Katz, I agree with you....

Mr. Burman are you saying that no experience is better for the town than someone with experience.

We elect individuals to do what is best for our Town not for the Party, you cant be serious!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 | Report this

Mr Burman is clearly ill informed or too lazy to conduct his due diligence. This whole embarrassing scenario comes down to party loyalty and childish payback from leaders that clearly have way too much time on their hands. The BDTC solicited Mr Sweeney to join the party knowing full well they where going to deny him acceptance. Their vote was 10-3 to deny. Why else would Mr Faria send a two page detailed summary explaining why Mr Sweeney has been denied in the form of a press release to the Bristol Phoenix prior to telling Mr Sweeney himself?? Leaving Mr Sweeney to be notified by the press when asked if he had any comment on the denial he knew nothing about. Why did Mr Faria feel the need to write just a long winded summary and submit it as a press relies at all?? Has a similar press release gone out for every person that has been denied acceptance to the BDTC?? Let's get back to work and focus on the important issue's in Bristol.


Wednesday, February 26, 2014 | Report this

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