Clueless drivers terrified runaway farm animals


To the editor:

We have a small farm on American Legion Highway with lots of animals including a horse and donkey. Last week, due to all the snow, they managed to get out of their pasture and made their way onto Route 177.

I was at work and my pregnant wife with our four children was at home. My wife had to chase our horse and donkey on foot for about a mile to Ace Hardware, while I raced home from work to help.

There was a few people who tried to help and she was very appreciative for that. But unfortunately there was a much larger and more vocal number of drivers who were not helpful at all. Here my wife is, in the middle of winter, running down the street, obviously pregnant, and dozens of cars raced inches next to her and the frightened animals, honking their horns and swearing at her! This caused the animals to spook further and run faster and endanger their lives and the lives of the drivers.

I can't imagine what kind of people would do that — it's sad and frustrating. Where has people's decency and compassion gone? We live in a so-called farming town but you couldn't tell by peoples reactions.

Eventually, Westport's animal control officer. Donna Lambert, did come and was very helpful.

Chad Brow



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This should not read 'Clueless' [drivers]. It should read IDIOT drivers. This goes beyond drivers lacking compassion. This is a matter of people lacking HUMAN DECENCY. And there is so, so much more I would love to say about these circumstances, but it would lower me right down to the same class of people that harrassed and tortured your pregnant wife and animals. The public may not know who they are, but they do; whether they were just so ingnorant and moronic to realize that there was an issue and a person who needed help, or they were truly imbociles we may never know. It's not my style to degrade others or name call, but if the shoe fits....

I am happy that Ms. Lambert could be helpful, and I am sorry your family and animals had to endure an already stressful situation being made into an absolute nightmare becuase of general asses. And I don't mean your donkey.

Best wishes from your one of your friends and supporters.

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