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Letter: Burying beetle should be state bug

Letter: Burying beetle should be state bug

To the editor: We are the third grade at St. Michael’s Country Day School in Newport. Did you know that Rhode Island is one of four states that doesn’t have a state insect? We are trying to make the American Burying Beetle the state insect of Rhode Island.  We would like to share some information

On the merits of criminalizing thought

Let’s get this out of the way. Whoever defaced the Rhode Island Muslim School with epithets and hateful language is a fool, an ignoramus, and should be prosecuted for vandalism. Should there, however, be an additional criminal count for a hate crime? The reality of a hate crime conviction is that an extra 5 or

2015 saltwater fishing regulations, license bill and fishing show this week

Last Monday’s Department of Environmental Management’s (DEM) recreational regulation workshop and public hearing meetings combined what normally takes place over four different evenings into one night. Traditionally participation at specie Advisory Panel meetings held over four different evenings is limited (three to six fishermen, fifteen or twenty if an important issue was being discussed).  At