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Providence Boat Show roundup

The new and improved 2015 Providence Boat Show was held this past weekend and everything seem to go off without a hitch. A reinvigorated boat show is what I witnessed. About 100 manufactures had vessels of all types on display: power boats, sail boats, dinghies, personal watercraft, kayaks and canoes. The show featured an enhanced

The NFL’s no-win situation

As the kerfuffle over Deflategate continues, the question is not how or if the Patriots’ footballs were doctored outside the allowable standards set by the NFL, but whether proving their innocence and winning the Superbowl will silence critics or just make the team more of a target for criticism. More importantly, will the team’s value

Editorial: Sports ‘journalism’ and Deflategate

To many in the sports reporting world, ‘DeflateGate’ is important for what it reveals about those ‘cheating’ New England Patriots. It’s more revealing about what passes for journalism among the reporting pack and talking heads who’ve beaten this horse into the ground for going on two weeks now. Somehow the pack knew within hours of