Warren trash and recycling change: What you need to know

Posted 11/8/19

By now, many Warren residents have received their new trash and recycling bins, which are currently being delivered across town. They will be used the first time Monday, Nov. 18 when the town rolls …

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Warren trash and recycling change: What you need to know


By now, many Warren residents have received their new trash and recycling bins, which are currently being delivered across town. They will be used the first time Monday, Nov. 18 when the town rolls out its new curbside pickup service. Since Warren officials announced the change to a new trash and recycling hauler last week, DPW and town hall offices have been flooded with calls from residents who have questions about the service and what it means for them. Here is what to expect:

Should I start using them this week?

No. The new bins are to be used starting Monday, Nov. 18.

What is the pickup schedule?

Both trash and recycling bins will be picked up on the normal pickup day residents are used to. Trash will be picked up every week. Recycling will be picked up every other week. Both will be picked up for the first time on Monday, Nov. 18.

How big are they?

The trash (gray in color) and recycling (blue in color) cans are approximately 28.5” wide by 44.5” tall by 34” deep. Each is 95 gallons in volume.

These are too big for me. Are there other options?

Smaller, 60 gallon bins are also available. They are the same width and depth, but are not as tall.

Who do I call to get them, or if I have other questions?

Call the DPW at 245-0200 or MEGA, toll-free, at 866-420-6342. What do I do with my old bins or trash cans?

Any old bins and trash cans you no longer want can be brought to the DPW yard on Birch Swamp, where there will be receptacles set up for their disposal.

How do I place the new bins for pickup?

The bins are on wheels and have instructions on them stating that the wheels should face the house, and the other side toward the street. That allows the automatic “picker” on the truck to zoom in and grasp them, lifting and inverting them toward the truck’s collection area.

Where should I place them?

Warren Town Planner Bob Rulli said common sense should prevail. “We would prefer (that people not put them in) the road. Ideally you’re going to put them out at the corner of your property and sidewalks where you have put (containers) in the past. Not everyone has that option but preferably, they’re not putting them in the road. I certainly wouldn’t put them between cars.”

I don’t generate a lot of trash or recyclables and I fear the bins might be too large for me to manage every week. Am I required to put them out every week?

No. If every other week or two weeks makes more sense to you, you are free to leave bins out as needed, as long as you put them out on your regularly scheduled trash and recycling day. Note that if you put trash out one week but not recycling, you will have to wait two weeks to put your recycling bin out again, as recycling will be picked up every two weeks, on the normal trash day.

Why is the town doing this?

The town signed a contract last month with MTG/Mega Disposal to serve as its new trash and recycling contractor. Previously, the town had a private hauler for trash but did its own recycling pickup. Mr. Rulli said it was advantageous for the town to discontinue in-house recycling collection:

“Part of the costs savings are that we have had issues with thee recycling truck. It’s down more than it’s up; we’ve had to borrow a truck from Bristol at times. So that’s a savings. Also, (switching to a private hauler for recycling) frees up a DPW employee or employees that were dedicated to recycling pickup. They can now be re-deployed elsewhere. Not everyone sees that as a savings or value but from the town’s perspective, those are real.”

In addition, he said, another reason is cleanliness and increased recycling. In the past, when residents filled their recycling bins over the course of the week they would often throw recyclable material in their trash bins. With larger recycling bins, Mr. Rulli said, the hope is that less recycling material will be disposed of, even though pickup will only occur once every two weeks.

“The advantage to the town is that the more we recycle, the lower our tipping fees are.”

What are the terms of the contract?

Warren contracted with MTG for five years, at a cost of $432,640 per fiscal year starting next year; this year, the amount wa pro-rated as the contract was signed well into the start of the fiscal year.

Are the bins going to cost me personally?

Only through normal support of the town through taxation. The bins were included as a cost of the contract the town signed with MEGA, so there is no additional cost to residents.

Who do I call for more information, ask for a smaller bin or have any other questions?

Contact the DPW at 245-0200 or MEGA, toll-free, at 866-420-6342.


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