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Warren police logs: Boat towed after DEM, Coast Guard response

Posted 6/22/20

Monday, June 15

A Cedar Lane man asked to speak to an officer about harassment via social media.

A Bridge Street woman whose alarm was not working properly was told to call ADT.

Someone …

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Warren police logs: Boat towed after DEM, Coast Guard response


Monday, June 15

A Cedar Lane man asked to speak to an officer about harassment via social media.

A Bridge Street woman whose alarm was not working properly was told to call ADT.

Someone opened credit cards under his name, a Child Street man complained.

A man found a call phone on State Street and brought it into the the station.

A Child Street woman went out to discover her tires slashed, and called police.

A caller complained about kids who were disturbing the peace with their inappropriate language at the Warren Town Beach. Police spoke to several beach-goers, none of them had seen or heard any issues or problems.

An Arlington Avenue resident reported a possible breaking and entering after damage to a door was discovered.

Police were altered to a verbal argument between a man and woman on Asylum Road.

A caller complained of a road rager who followed behind him through several side streets, from Swansea into Warren.

Rescue was requested for an intoxicated man on Market Street. The call came in at 6:!4 p.m.

An officer disposed of a hypodermic needle found on Mason Street.

The animal control officer reported that a goose on Water Street, described as sick or injured, seemed OK.

Adam T. LoRusso, 43, of Quincy, Ma., was charged with domestic violence/vandalism, first offense, and domestic violence/disorderly conduct, first offense, after a caller asked police to check in on her Main Street sister, who she said might be in a domestic situation.

Tuesday, June 16

Justin G. Silvia, 33, of 42 Croade St., was charged with obstruction of an officer and disorderly conduct, after police pulled him over on Child Street just after 5 a.m.

A caller from Water Street complained just before 7 a.m. of loud trucks in the neighborhood. Police looked, but could not find them.

A Birchswamp Road man reported that a stranger knocked on his door, and then left.

A caller complained about a man approaching cars on Main, at Broad, and asking for money. Police caught up with and dispersed him.

Police delivered quarantine paperwork to a home on Homestead Avenue.

Another call regarding a sick/injured goose came in from Water Street. The animal control officer noted the animal seemed mobile, and that a wildlife rehabilitator wold be contacted.

A Vernon Street woman called police after finding inappropriate messages on her son’s phone.

A juvenile, 16, was charged with driving without or on an expired license, after an accident on Metacom Avenue, at Rosa Boulevard, at 2:06 p.m.

A caller told police that several people might be living behind a building on Market Street. Police looked, found a tent and said they would monitor the area.

A caller complained that kids were throwing loud fireworks onto the pavement along Lyndon Street.

A Main Street woman complained that she and her daughter had been receiving harassing messages from other juveniles. Police spoke to the message senders.

Fire crews extinguished a mulch fire on Schoolhouse Road just after 5 p.m.

Veronica A. Fortes, 26, of 366 Child St., second floor, was charged with larceny under $1,500, after a man complained that she and another person had stolen his backpack from the Warren Town Beach.

Barrington police alerted Warren to an erratic driver headed over the bridge. Police here found the car parked and unattended on Main Street.

Police dispersed a group of kids who were climbing on the kayak racks at the bottom of Laurel Lane.

Police responded to Metacom Avenue to investigate a hit and run accident.

A caller told police her son reported being assaulted recently at Burr’s Hill. Police located and spoke to the boy, who was uncooperative.

Wednesday, June 17

Police checked out a car that was pulled over along Market Street, at Parker, just after 6 p.m. There was no issue; the driver pulled over due to mechanical issues.

Jenny G. Stanzione, 34, of 24 Federal St., first floor, was arrested on a warrant for reckless driving and other offenses against public safety.

Police were able to gain entry after a woman working in a Main Street facility called to report that she’d locked herself out of her building with patients inside.

Police asked the DPW to remove a large tent and other camping items from a wooded area behind the East Bay Educational Collaborative.

An injured bird spotted on Main Street was collected by the animal control officer and would be turned over to a wildlife sanctuary, police said.

Police caught up with and spoke to a man who was in possession of a hatchet on Water Street. A report was filed but no other action was taken.

A Wood Street woman complained that items were stolen from her home.

Bristol police reached out in regards to a domestic situation that occurred in their town and might have involved a Warren resident. Police went to several addresses on Bee Jay Court and Ridgeway Drive, with negative results.

A swan was struck and killed by a car on Child Street at Serpentine Road.

A Warren Avenue woman complained that a man had taken pieces of her fence. She said the man who took them was using the old rotted wood for a fireplace.

A caller told police that an elderly woman had been sitting alone on Main Street for an extended period of time. She was waiting for a bus, police said.

Multiple fireworks calls came in from Cole and Croade streets around 9:15 p.m. A little over 10 minutes later, fire crews were called out to extinguish a grass fire that had apparently been caused by spent fireworks.

The owner of a large truck parked on the wrong side of Ellis Avenue was advised to move it.

Thursday, June 18

Police were asked to check on the well-being of a girl on Seymour Street. No police intervention was needed; she was upset over family issues.

A caller told police that a female was forced into a vehicle against her will. Police caught up with the car; inside was a disobedient girl and her father, who was taking her to her mother’s house in Bristol.

Police got a complaint of a rabid raccoon on Birchswamp Road.

Police spoke to a door-to-door solicitor on Barden Lane, and advised him of the proper procedure for soliciting.

Police dispersed a group of kids who were disturbing the peace on a private dock at the end of the road. Police told the caller to contact headquarters if they returned.

A Maple Road woman reported that several juveniles followed her to her home after she asked them to leave a private beach. Police spoke to and dispersed them.

A Park Street woman told police that video footage showed a stranger entering her property. Officers found a damaged cooler that the stranger had left near her property, and left a message for DPW to pick it up.

A caller told police that she collided with a deer on Schoolhouse Road earlier in the day.

A woman asked for a police escort while retrieving belongings from a Liberty Street address.

A Child Street man told police that he could not find his firearm and feared that it may have been stolen.

A man reported that he had been threatened with a firearm while at a residence off Child Street. Police took a report.

Friday, June 19

A disoriented man was taken to the hospital after he was spotted by police on State Street just before 5:30 a.m.

A Water Street resident reported being harassed via text message.

Nicholas A. Stanzione, 23, of 15 Martin St., first floor, turned himself in on a warrant for felony assault and or battery, and disorderly conduct.

Trash barrels were reported stolen from Water Street.

A Davis Street man reported receiving harassing and threatening messages.

A Market Street man told police that a bike belonging to his son, 13, was stolen.

A caller complained about fireworks on Overhill Road, near Cedar Lane. Other calls came in from Sisson and Market streets.

Coast Guard and DEM officials converged on Water Street, meeting up with town officials at the Warren Marina. They were there to tow a boat whose driver seemed intoxicated and belligerent, and would keep town officials updated.

Police spoke to a Market Street man after fireworks calls came in from the area.

A caller reported a loud party at Laurel Lane and Terrrace Avenue. Police couldn’t located.

A person with a facial injury was taken to the hospital after an animal bite on Market Street.

Saturday, June 20

A caller complained about loud music and fireworks on Cherry Street just before 2 a.m.

A driver for Uber (or) Lyft ask that police assist with an intoxicated passenger. The call came in from Metacom Avenue.

A Benefit Street woman asked for police assistance in turning off the water to her toilet, which was leaking. Police arrived and took care of it.

Police dispersed people from Cherry Street, after a second loud party complaint came in, this time at 2:48 a.m.

Police got a call about an injured beaver on Serpentine Road. The animal was gone on arrival.

A loose chicken call came in from Ridgeway Drive just after 8 a.m.

Brian C. O’Donnell, 38, of 58 Bridge St., was charged with vandalism and disorderly conduct after a caller said a man threw something at his car just after 4 p.m.

A caller complained about loud music at a Long Lane residence just after 5 p.m.

A caller told police that her daughter was walking off the bike path near Asylum Road when she came across a smoldering campfire. Authorities extinguished what was left of the fire.

Fire crews extinguished a grill fire on Child Street.

A Market Street man said he’d just gotten into a domestic altercation. He was outside, he said, and the involved woman was inside.

A caller complained that a large group of kids were acting unruly on a private stretch of property on Main Street. Police spoke to residents nearby, who reported no issues.

A caller complained about the sound of a revving jet ski engine on Teddy Avenue. Police spoke to the owner, who said he was trying to clear the engine.

A fireworks call came in from Patterson Avenue at 9:41 p.m.

A man reported being harassed by the operator of a white Chevy on Child Street. Police spoke to the complainant, who added it was just a group of kids being “obnoxious.”

Sunday, June 21

A Child Street woman complained of fireworks at 3:38 a.m.

A caller said there could be a turkey trapped in a maintenance shed on Massasoit Avenue. The turkey must have waddled off, as police couldn’t locate it.

A nurse at a Baker Street nursing home called police about a man at the front desk who was intimidating staff and refused to leave. Police advised the man he could not enter due to Covid-19 restrictions, and told him to leave.

Joe J. Sousa, 34, of Riverside, was cited for driving with a suspended, revoked or cancelled license, after police pulled him over on Water Street while investigating a possible domestic disturbance.

A caller told police that there was a mother fox and her babies close to the edge of Metacom Avenue. They were gone by the time police arrived.

A Benefit Street man reported finding a snake in his garage. The animal control officer released the snake into the woods.

Makailah R. Haskell, 31, of 175 Fatima Drive, was charged with domestic violence/criminal violation of a no contact order.

A King Street resident reported fireworks just after 9 p.m. Similar calls came in from Metacom Avenue.

A caller reported at 9:47 p.m. that there was a man sleeping along the bike path, near Kelly Street. He was taken home by family members to sleep off suspected intoxication.

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