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Tiverton Police: Truck launched into river, bulls loose

Posted 10/29/20

Tuesday, Oct. 13

A resident came to the station at 10:32 am to drop off a broken gun.

Albert J. Wilding, 36, of Fall River, was arrested on a charge of willful trespass at 2:22 pm at the …

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Tiverton Police: Truck launched into river, bulls loose


Tuesday, Oct. 13

A resident came to the station at 10:32 am to drop off a broken gun.

Albert J. Wilding, 36, of Fall River, was arrested on a charge of willful trespass at 2:22 pm at the Tiverton Casino.

A Fir Avenue resident called at 5:48 pm with concerns about a person who came to her house wanting to see it because it is for sale. It is not for sale.

Wednesday, Oct. 14

Police went to Nonquit Pond for a reported gathering at 12:25 pm and dispersed some people who were fishing. While there they also called DPW about a tree down on Neck Road.

Two dogs were picked up after being discovered on the Fish Road on-ramp to Route 24.

Police were called to Canonicus Street at 2:07 pm for a report of harassment by a neighbor.

A 911 caller notified police of a motorcycle vs truck accident on Main Road at 3:25 pm. There were no injuries.

At 3:27 pm, a Driftwood Drive caller reported that her fence had been kicked in and pavers put atop it.

At 4:51 pm, a caller reported a large bird (“crane”) entangled in fishing wire in the area of Seapowet Beach. DEM was notified.

At 5:38 pm, a speeding Toyota Camry on Stone Church Road reportedly knocked down a caution sign at the corner of Sylvia Road and took off.

Police and rescue were dispatched to Lake Road after a caller reported hearing someone screaming “Call 911,” possibly from Weetamoo Woods. Police found  a one-vehicle accident - those involved declined transport to the hospital.

A deer ran into a truck on Crandall Road at 7:48 pm and then disappeared into the woods.

Heather M. Crosby, 38, of 447 Stafford Road, Tiverton, was arrested on a charge of simple domestic assault at 11:10 pm at that address.

Thursday, Oct. 15

At 4:07 am, a Kenyon Road resident called 911 to report a house alarm — the caller, her children and husband had locked themselves in a bedroom as a precaution. Police determined that a faulty alarm was the likely cause.

At 8:46 am, a caller reported a tractor trailer truck on Warren Avenue where such trucks are not allowed.

Police were alerted to a bull in the middle of Narrow Avenue at 10:09 am. The caller had put the bull in a barn; the bull is believed to be from a nearby Westport farm.

A dog attack was reported on Haskins Avenue at 10:26 am. There were no injuries.

Police and firefighters responded to Tower Hill Road at 11:16 am for a car fire. 

A Fogland Beach area caller reported a wallet stolen at 11:50 am.

A Canonicus Street resident reported harassment by a neighbor at 12:05 pm.

A caller notified police that a man had violated a no-contact order. Police determined that no direct contact had happened — “party was posting on his Facebook his love for female.”

A road rage incident was reported in the vicinity of a Main Road restaurant. Police found that a woman had punched a car door — no damage.

Office furniture was removed from the high speed lane of Route 24 north at 5:19 pm.

Police went to the parking lot of Stateline Tobacco on Stafford Road for a report of road rage. ”Verbal argument at the moment,” the officer determined. “Parties are on their way.”

A Main Road business owner reported s man urinating in the parking lot at 8:07 pm. The man left before police arrived.

Friday, Oct. 16

At 12:41 am, a caller reported a man yelling at a woman on King Road followed by what sounded like a gunshot. Police checked the area but found nothing.

Shannon M. Wordell, 39, of 224 Brayton Road, Tiverton, was arrested on a bench warrant from 2nd District Court at 7:05 pm at the police station.

Police were called to Tiverton Casino to assist with ejections at 1:45 am.

A car struck a deer on Route 24 South at 3:28 am.

At the request of Little Compton Police, two ambulances were dispatched to Main Road for a two-car motor vehicle accident at 9:48 am. One person was transported to St. Anne’s Hospital.

A caller reported fraud — both unemployment and debit cards opened in his name.

Police were notified about possible phone threats made by a patient to a doctor at 3:09 pm.

Police went to State Avenue for a complaint of trash and debris spilling out onto the sidewalk and street.

An officer went to Tiverton Casino to assist with removing an intoxicated individual at 6:20 pm.

A Crandall Road caller reported a missing large bull with no horns named “Ricky Booby” at 6:22 pm. The bull was located a short while later.

Saturday, Oct. 17

Matthew J. Rebello, 36, of Acushnet, Mass., was arrested on a disorderly conduct charge at 1:47 am at the Tiverton Casino.

A tree across the road was report on Lake Road at 4:53 am.

A 10:38 am 911 call alerted police to a truck that went off the boat ramp at Fogland Road and into the water. Nearly an hour later, a wrecker managed to remove the truck. DEM was notified about a possible hazmat situation but no leaking fuel was visible.

A loose hound was reported on Bulgarmarsh Road at 1:43 pm.

At 3:19 pm, police were notified of a large gathering in violation of COVID regulations, cars blocking Lepes Road. “Just a drive-by birthday,” an officer determined.

A caller reported that his car had been keyed outside a Shove Street bar.

William Maurer, 41, of Fall River, was arrested on two charges of domestic simple assault, and one charge of domestic refusal to relinquish a telephone at 1:53 pm at a Stafford Road address.

A Beardsworth Road resident reported that her porch camera alerted her phone to images of someone wearing a hoodie stealing a package from her porch. Police checked the area but did not find the person.

Loud music playing was reported in the area of the cliffs near Route 24. Music has ben turned down, police said a short while later.

A person sitting in a car on Bulgarmarsh was advised to turn the music down after complaints were received at 11:38 pm.

Sunday, Oct. 18

A Pocasset Avenue caller reported seeing four shadows outside and then hearing a banging on the door at 1:07 am. Police checked but could only find a “group of three deer a few houses down.”

A caller reported the sound of gunshots from a farm field near Pond Bridge Drive at 10:27 am.

A caller reported that a woman is being threatened on social media.

A resident complained about receiving threatening Facebook messages demanding money.

At 4:39 pm, police assisted with a permanent ejection at the Tiverton Casino.

At 5:32 pm, a Willow Street caller reported the theft of two guns.

At 5:38 pm, a caller from the boat ramp by Riverside Marine reported fishermen throwing rocks and fishing lures at them as they were trying to put a boat in the water. Police “spoke with the calling party — misunderstanding.”

Fireworks in the area of Cliff and Carpenter streets were reported at 6:19 pm.

Monday, Oct. 19

A Campion Avenue caller dialed 911 at 1:39 am, stayed on the line, then hung up without speaking. Police called back and were told that the caller had had a nightmare.

A coyote was reported bear Kaufman Road at 9:23 am.

A Canonicus Street caller reported a neighbor yelling obscenities on his property. After speaking to an officer, the neighbor agreed to keep it down.

Residents of High Hill Road and Fish Road reported being scammed out of over $9,500 and $2,300 respectively.

At 5:42 pm, rescuers from Tiverton, Portsmouth, Middletown and the Coast Guard were called to the middle of the Sakonnet River off Fogland for a 38-foot boat with three persons on board in distress. The boaters were helped to safety.

Colleen R. Loranger, 44, of 1 Mill Street, Tiverton, was arrested on a charge of driving with a suspended license, third offense, at Bourne Mill Apartments at 9:45 pm. 

Tuesday, Oct. 20

Jose Antone Almeida, 39, of Somerset, Mass., was arrested on charges of obstructing a police officer and driving with a suspended license at 1:15 am on Canning Boulevard.

At 1:09 pm, police and firefighters were alerted by 911 call to a two-car accident in which a utility pole was struck in the area of 555 Crandall Road. An unspecified number of people were transported to Charlton Memorial Hospital.

Carol Helman, 64, of 112 Old Harbor Road, Westport, was arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct at 7:40 pm at Dollar General, Stafford Road.

A 911 caller alerted police and firefighters to a rollover accident with two people trapped in the vehicle in the area of 99 Stafford Road at 9:42 pm. One person was taken to St. Anne’s Hospital.

Wednesday, Oct. 21

Jordan S. Pavao, 30, of 333 Main Road, Tiverton, was arrested on a charge of failure to stop for an accident resulting in damage to a vehicle, at 10 am at the Fish Road park and ride.

Police were notified about an altercation earlier in the day that began at Dunkin’ Donuts and then moved on to BayCoast.

Fall River Police called at 7:59 pm to alert Tiverton to an altercation involving two men that began in that city but had moved across the line into Tiverton.

Thursday, Oct. 22

Tiverton called DEM at 8:59 am about a dead deer found in a field off Main Road at Pardon Grey Preserve. DEM replied that they don’t pick up deer in fields.

A Canonicus Street resident complained that a neighbor is harassing him with paintings on her fence.

Police were called to Farnum Street for a complaint that neighbors who are moving out are dumping furniture in the woods. They neighbors were told to remove the furniture from the woods.

A Hooper Street caller reported a man passed out on the front yard at 4:39 pm. The man was taken to St. Anne’s Hospital.

Police were called to the Tiverton Casino at 5:40 pm for a hit and run accident.

Friday, Oct. 23

A Church Pond Road resident reported that his cat bit him on the hand.

A caller reported finding a wallet with a large amount of money inside at a Main Road location. The owner came to the station to retrieve it.

A hit and run vehicle struck a parked motorcycle at Tiverton Liquors at 2:55 pm.

Police went to the Tiverton Casino at 8:57 pm to assist with an ejection.

Police were called to South Court at 11:21 pm for a report of three boys hitting the back of a house with a board.

Saturday, Oct. 24

Police went to Tiverton Casino at 12:25 pm to assist with ejections.

Jordan S. Pavao, 30, of 333 Main Road, Tiverton, was arrested on a charge of failure to stop for an accident resulting in damage to a vehicle, at 1:13 pm at the Fish Road park and ride.

A Canonicus Street caller reported ATVs in the roadway at 1:31 pm.

At 9:20 pm on Eagleville Road, a tree branch fell onto the top of a Tiverton Police cruiser. Damage was minor.

Police assisted with ejections at the Tiverton Casino at 10:33 pm.

Sunday, Oct. 25

Allen J. Ross, 73, was arrested on a charge of willful trespass at 1:45 pm at the Tiverton Casino.

At 3:58 pm, a caller reported hearing gunfire somewhere near Weetamoo Woods.

Two coyotes were hit and killed on Stone Church Road, one at 6:48 pm, the other at 10:21 pm.

Brian Wheeler, 48, of 112 Long Highway, Little Compton, was arrested on a charge of driving under the influence, blood alcohol concentration unknown, on East Road at 11:09 pm. Police had been called there after a vehicle struck a tree.

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