East Bay Property Sales – Sept. 22

Posted 5/20/21

Following are property sales that were published in the East Bay papers on Sept. 22 and 23. They are presented as (in this order): Address, Buyers, Sellers and Price.


33 Pezzullo …

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East Bay Property Sales – Sept. 22


Following are property sales that were published in the East Bay papers on Sept. 22 and 23. They are presented as (in this order): Address, Buyers, Sellers and Price.


  • 33 Pezzullo Ave,   Xiangli Ding and Ruiqi Fei,  Duck Hook LLC,  $363,500
  • 77 Massasoit Ave,   Jonathan Uihlein and Jessica Fallon-Adams,   David and Tara Suarez,  $1,050,000
  • 35 Adelaide Ave,   Stephen and Vanessa Sheehan,   David and Carolyn Coleman,  $975,000
  • 2 Copper Kettle Ln,   Theodore and Courtney Trafton,  H & M Nagursky I.R.T. and Lisa Weisberg,  $545,000
  • 87 Anoka Ave,   Randall and Shawn Levesque,   Margaret and John Ruggieri,  $487,000
  • 18 Evergreen St,   Derek Toman and Sar Balassone,   Caron E. Martin,  $465,000
  • 132 Nayatt Rd,   Jerauld and Sara Adams,  John E. Franks T.,  $1,325,000
  • 17 Arvin Ave,   Matthew and Andrea Dionne,  Kelly Debney Sole T. and Donna Abenate,  $451,000
  • 8 Milton Rd,   Joseph Granto and Kristen Bott,   Stephen and Miriam Duval,  $544,700
  • 3 Strawberry Dr,   Anthony and Sonya Depasquale,   Sandra Chellel,  $525,000
  • 3 Strawberry Dr,   Anthony and Sonya Depasquale,  Dianne C. Riley T.,  $525,000
  • 16 Pine Ave,   Ann Mcadam-Griffin and Robert Griffin,   Katherine W. Flannick,  $613,000
  • 19 Roberta Dr,   Michael Roggow and Mark Case,  Sarah P. Powers I.R.T. and Sarah Frese,  $510,000
  • 31 Chachapacasset Rd,   Charles Ogulnik and Mary Gold,  Moscrop F.T. and Claire Moscrop,  $702,100
  • Fessenden Rd,   Michael and Jacqueline Hennessey,  Sandra D. Oster R.E.T.,  $650,000
  • Fessenden Rd,   Michael and Jacqueline Hennessey,  RMO Investments LLC,  $650,000


  • 92 King Philip Ave,   Harold and Rebecca Garner,   Joseph Caron and Eve Tobin-Caron,  $470,000
  • 127 Dewolf Ave,   Kelsey L. Rogers,   Benjamin and Deborah Wainwright,  $307,000
  • 27 Rosedale Dr,   Andrew Muller,   Esmeralda Borges,  $285,000
  • 61 Richmond St,   Kathleen Kelleher,   Raymond Damaso,  $408,000
  • 1116 Hope St #2,   Matthew Palmer,  F&D Property Mgmt LLC,  $440,000

East Providence

  • 21 Peck Ave,   Christopher Donnelly and Elyse Covello-Donnelly,   Jamie Falso and Sara Landry,  $300,000
  • 54 5th St,   Kia Davis and Homer Lindell-Riley,   Polly Spenner and Jason Berg,  $351,000
  • 45 Beech Tree Rd,   Timothy and Arwen Robitaille,   Joao Cruz and Sonia Alho-Cruz,  $368,000
  • 65 Jackson Ave,   Antoinette M. Heppner,   John and Nicole Divver,  $298,800
  • 34 Larchmere Dr,   Dawn M. August,   Katelynn Rei and Cameron Socha,  $315,000
  • 135 Arnold St,   Hallie Riggs and Zachary Gross,   Anne and Victor Alvarez,  $321,000
  • 90 7th St,   Tyler Pereira and Kasey Oliveira,  NRZ REO Inventory LLC,  $260,000
  • 1535 Pawtucket Ave,   Sean and Kimberly Lindsey,   Donna Beneduce and Janice Mitchell,  $345,000
  • 3 Rosemere Dr,   Domingas Dasilva,   Brittanny Omeara,  $321,000
  • 22 Vermont Ave,   Richard and Caili Whitehead,   Richard and Michael Whitehead,  $180,000
  • 57 Euclid Ave,   Graham Maione and Catherine Brennan,   George Rochefort and Jill Stone,  $330,000

Little Compton

  • 35 Old Stone Church Rd,   Charles and Rebecca Maguire,   Margaret and Ronald Joubert,  $325,000
  • 62 Amy Hart Path,   Robert Humphrey and Michelle-Lee Humphrey,   Karen F. Carroll,  $205,000


  • 21 Lambie Ct,   John and Lauren Porado,   Edward and Rosemary Cogan,  $1,225,000
  • 17 Ann Hutchinson Ct,   Jonathan and Lisa Pelletier,   Marcus and Christine Lepore,  $975,000
  • 165 Hummocks Ave,   Patricia and William Fleming,  Samira E. Zebian R.E.T.,  $1,225,000
  • 1678 E Main Rd #20,   Michael C. Tasso,   Stephanie W. Stuart,  $180,000
  • Prince Henry Ave,  Anchor Investments LLC,  John H. Reposa Jr. Est. and Vlada Reposa,  $225,000
  • 129 Atlantic Ave,   Kathleen G. Palmer,   Rosemary L. Blake,  $108,500
  • 131 Ferry Landing Cir #131,   Kathleen Silvia,  F. G. Wyatt I.R.T. and Suzanne Wyatt,  $575,000
  • 14 Ash St #C,   Lauren Virt and Alec Spurlock,   Matthew and Jill Colna,  $240,000
  • 109 Dawn Marie Dr,   Denise and Nicole Hall,   Michael and Dawn Morrisey,  $1,250,000
  • 20 Borden Farm Rd,   Marisa Bassett and Michael Costello,   Ryan Belmore and Jennifer Martin,  $650,000


  • 65 E Demello Dr,   Shannon McNamara and Jestyn Flores,   Joseph and Paula Valliere,  $650,000
  • 72 Fogland Rd,  72 Fogland R.T.,   John and Cynthia Burns,  $3,270,000
  • 80 Church St,   Stanley B. DeLima,  Bousquet F.T. and Denise Costanza,  $245,000
  • 1722 Main Rd,   Peter and Londa Halpin,   Christopher and Maureen Audet,  $395,000
  • 685 Old Colony Ter,   Raymond and Madeline Welch,   Kathleen S. Silvia,  $1,165,000
  • 63 Mark Dr,   Nora and Ryan Dennegan,   Elizabeth and David Christie,  $435,000
  • 11 Watermark Dr #11,   Anthony and Kimberly Sawyer,  Barbara C. Haddad R.E.T.,  $999,000
  • 136 Riverside Dr #5,   Brian and Deborah Wernerburg,   Richard J. Galipeault,  $270,000
  • Evans Ave,  DMV Holdings Co. LLC,   Robert Johnson,  $140,000
  • N Brayton Rd,  Rhode Is Custom Bldrs LLC,  White Tail Holdings LLC,  $105,000
  • Lyne Rd #5,   Gary R. Mello,   Joseph Ruggiero,  $150,000
  • Progress Way,  Rem Properties LLC,  Town of Tiverton,  $270,000
  • Bradley Ln,  S. Dirk Kramers and Susanne Thayer-Kramers,   Jeannine and Leo St. Laurent,  $117,000
  • Rail Rd,   Raymond and Madeline Welch,   Kathleen S. Silvia,  $1,165,000


  • 14 Evie Dr,   Robert Baptista,   Andrea and Mark Smiley,  $441,000
  • 7 Mayo Dr,   Ian and Sarah Stringer,  Solo Realty LLC,  $500,000
  • 8 Birch Swamp Rd,   James and Dominic Quartochi,   Victor and Emily Pagano,  $309,900
  • 65 Central Ave,   Marisa L. Silva,   Sheila Belanger-Silva,  $151,000
  • 607 Child St,   Rajasekher R. Thumma,   Walter and Elisabete Pavao,  $504,000
  • 14 Sisson St,   Tejal K. Patel,  14 Sisson Street LLC,  $370,000
  • 4 John St #1,   Kathryn Somerville and Olivia Reilly,   Meagen Wyatt,  $399,900
  • 345 Market St,   Emily Cummings and Mitchell Lavoie,   Jennifer Morra and Sean Alegria,  $300,000
  • 49 Manning St,   Steven Oswald and Steven Servant,  Amanda Steel Rich 1989 T.,  $703,500
  • N/A,  Francis Jamiel Est. and Hirum A. Jamiel,   Jayne Jamiel,  $2,392


  • 188 Forge Rd,   Brendan Ward,   Gregory and Melissa Chaunt,  $266,500
  • 23 Kirby Rd,   Stacey and Matthew Farias,   Brian A. Beaulieu,  $385,000
  • 894-896 Main Rd,   Matthew and Jaime Albanese,   Shelley Knight,  $200,000
  • 1058 Main Rd,   Christopher and Diane Abbott,   William and Pamela Allen,  $575,000
  • 1834 Main Rd,   Alexis Sheehan and Nikkilee Condon,   Christopher and Diane Abbott,  $610,000
  • 48 Brookwood Dr,   Fernando and Ana Santos,   Dennis Rogers and Melissa Viveiros,  $630,000
  • 30 Osborn St,   Weston D. Thurston,   Shawn C. Deane,  $350,000
  • 699-701 Pine Hill Rd,   Alexander R. Egan,  E. R. Goldberg 1998 T.,  $625,000
  • 37 Devol Ave,   Rochelle and John Bernardo,   Aaron C. Campini,  $610,000
  • 37 Rita Ln,   Anthony and Kathy Egan,  Forest Park Westport LLC,  $600,000

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