Seven Barrington Scouts earn their Eagle rank

Troop 2 ceremony held at Victory Field

Posted 6/14/24

Barrington Boy Scouts Troop 2 held a special ceremony recently, recognizing seven young men who earned their Eagle Scout rank this year.

The event was held on Victory Field at Barrington High …

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Seven Barrington Scouts earn their Eagle rank

Troop 2 ceremony held at Victory Field


Barrington Boy Scouts Troop 2 held a special ceremony recently, recognizing seven young men who earned their Eagle Scout rank this year.

The event was held on Victory Field at Barrington High School following the town’s Memorial Day parade. A special celebration followed at the Barrington Congregational Church.

The seven new Eagle Scouts are Tim Birch, Aiden Pilipski, Griffin Gardner, Ethan Knight, Finn Stabach, Hayden Knight and Jonathan Brady.

Scoutmaster Dan Birch, with assistance from his wife, Tina Calise, has led the group for nearly three years. 

Eagle Scout is the highest possible rank in Boy Scouts. Since its inception in 1911, only four percent of scouts have earned this rank after a lengthy review process. Requirements include earning at least 21 merit badges. The Eagle Scout must also demonstrate Scout Spirit, an ideal attitude based upon the Scout Oath and Law, service, and leadership. This includes an extensive service project that the Scout plans, organizes, leads, and manages. 

Meet Troop 2’s newest Eagle Scouts:

• Timothy Birch 

Best Scout memory: The first time I attended Camp Yawgoog

Favorite merit badge: Welding

Most useful skill learned: Leadership

Favorite campout meal: Beef Stew

Toughest challenge: SPL

Eagle Scout Project: Renovating Sowams Woods with a new bike rack and bird houses

Number of nights camping: 124

Future plans: No Idea

“Tim's journey in Boy Scouts began as a Tiger Scout. Tim's favorite Cub Scout activity was participating in the Pinewood Derby. Tim loved designing and racing his cars. He looked forward to each February when the Pack held its derby.

“Tim joined Troop 2 Barrington when he was 12 years old. Many of his friends from Cub Scouts went to Troop 2 as well. Over the past six years, Tim has embraced his love of the outdoors and in his Boy Scout career has spent a total of 124 nights camping. He has grown into leadership positions in the Troop over the years. He began as Patrol leader, then Assistant Senior Patrol Leader and this past year was Senior Patrol leader for Troop 2. Tim attended the Narragansett Council’s Leadership training program NYLT or National youth leadership training. He was able to use many of the leadership skills he acquired while leading Troop 2. Camp Yawgoog will always hold a special place in Tim's heart. It is there where fun was had and friendships were made.

“Tim's next four years will be spent at the University of Maine in Orono. He will be studying Engineering Physics which combines the two subjects that he is most passionate about. As Tim enters this next chapter, he will forever carry the morals and values of being an Eagle Scout. Tim is very grateful for the opportunity to lead his Troop and for the Troop 2 adult leaders that mentored him over the years.”

• Jonathan M. Brady

 Best Scout memory: Walking the Boston Freedom Trail in the snow in February

Favorite merit badge: Search and rescue 

Most useful skill learned: How to communicate effectively and professionally in any environment 

Favorite campout meal: Hot dogs and mac n cheese at Gettysburg 

Toughest challenge: Mt. Washington

Eagle Scout Project: Historic cemetery restoration

Number of nights camping: About 150

Future plans: Law enforcement in the UK; Jonathan has just finished his freshman year at Husson University in Maine where he is studying criminal justice. 

“Jonathan was a Cub Scout in Pack 2 Barrington, later crossing over into Troop 2. With his father as Den Leader, Jonathan participated in all activities, gaining interest in the outdoors and enjoyed the few camping trips they did. He went to Camp Yawgoog for the first time in the summer after third grade, going back nine times (every year except COVID), often multiple times per summer.

“In the Order of the Arrow, the Honor Society of Scouting, Jonathan became involved as chairman of the Black Shirts committee. He earned the Unsung Arrowman Award in 2021. Jonathan moved up from Ordeal to Brotherhood and this past September received the Vigil honor, the highest honor that the OA can bestow upon its members for service to lodge, council, and Scouting. 

“With Troop 2, Jonathan went on just about every camping trip offered. Counting up Troop 2 and OA campouts, he probably camped over 150 nights. His love for the outdoors led him to serve as the Outdoor Ethic Guide for two years. 

“The Brady family has had several scouts, but Jonathan is the first to achieve Eagle Scout. His father and uncles (along with the entire family) are very proud of this achievement. 

“Steve Carter, a next-door neighbor and former member (1971 Eagle Scout) of Troop, gave Jonathan a neckerchief slide that Steve made for himself while working towards Eagle.

“Jonathan has earned 35 merit badges. Among his favorites are Search and Rescue, Emergency Preparedness and Welding. His least favorite turned out to be Pulp and Paper which his mother encouraged him to do because she thought it sounded great! 

“We are deeply indebted to Wade Ogden and Dan Birch for their tireless work for all the Scouts in Troop 2. Mr. Ogden personally encouraged Jonathan along the way, and we are very grateful.”

• Griffin B. Gardner 

Best Scout memory: Hiking Carter Notch and seeing the beautiful view from the hut

Favorite merit badge: Rifle shooting

Most useful skill learned: How to start a campfire

Favorite campout meal: Peter Birch’s Donuts

Toughest challenge: Leading my Eagle Scout Project

Eagle Scout Project: Fencing and composting storage reconstruction for the Barrington Farm School

Number of nights camping: 88

Future plans: Attending URI Fall 2024 for Film Media

“Griffin joined cub scouts as a Wolf in Pack 1 Providence. He loved the weekly activities, the camping, and most of all designing his Pinewood Derby car. Though he never won an event, it laid the groundwork for his well-deserved win at Pack 2 Barrington’s annual Raingutter Regatta. The victory drove him to complete his Arrow of Light by the time he was ready to take the next step.

“Griffin joined Troop 2 Barrington in 2017 and went on the first campout he could. It was the West Point Scout Camporee, one of the largest and most memorable campouts Griffin ever went on. He still remembers the tiring four-mile hike into and out of the base and the dangerously muddy campsite with nostalgia and fondness.

“Another highlight of Griffin’s scouting was the trip to Carter Notch in 2020. Despite the pandemic’s restrictions, Griffin never felt closer to his Troop. The hike itself was cold, icy, and exhausting but the view from the top made it all worth it. The trip sparked a strong interest for hiking that has stayed with him. Just this month, Griffin hiked the entire 15-mile bike path in one day for the fun of it. Griffin’s favorite campout every year is definitely Yawgoog, which he attended every year for seven years, even after getting every badge he wanted. Some of his best memories come from the weeks at Yawgoog and he looks forward to it every summer.  Another favorite was participating in Court of Honors over the years where his sister Grace banged the drum whenever he ranked up.

“For his Eagle Project, Griffin decided to construct new fencing and composting storage for the Barrington Farm School. Griffin is very grateful for all the scouts and adult leaders who helped with the project. The project took some unexpected turns at the last minute and Griffin appreciates the flexibility and patience other Scouts had when changes had to be made.

“Griffin had many memorable experiences being a Scout in Troop 2. He wants to thank Mr. Birch, Mr. Stabach, Mr. Ogden, Mrs. Wemple, Mr. Santoro, Mr. Boylan, Dr. Hilty and Mr. Rankin for their leadership, guidance and especially the laughs.”

• Ethan Knight

Best Scout memory: Showing up to the farm after a long day of hiking at Philmont

Favorite merit badge: Forestry

Most useful skill learned: First Aid

Favorite campout meal: Caveman Steaks

Toughest challenge: Making Mr. Santoro laugh

Eagle Scout Project: Rebuilding the beach volleyball court at Hugh Cole Park

Number of Nights Camping: 60-plus

Future plans: Attend Bucknell University and pursue a job in marketing

“I started my scouting journey as a Cub Scout in first grade at Nayatt. I joined Troop 2 in 2017 when I was in the 5th grade. I served as the Troop Guide for three years, focusing on making sure the younger kids progressed as quickly as possible. Throughout my scouting career I went to Yawgoog three times where I earned a plethora of merit badges ranging from Forestry to Citizenship in the Community. I also participated in our troop’s Philmont trek three years ago where I got closer to a lot of the scouts while hiking.

“Boy Scouts taught me a lot about what it means to be a leader and work hard to achieve a goal. Knowing the quality of the people who Eagled before me, I always knew I wanted to be one. Scouting also provided me with a way to experience the outdoors through camping and going on backpacking trips. I am currently a senior at Barrington High School. I enjoy competing in sports and played on the BHS soccer team and also run track, serving as a Team Captain. Next year I will be attending Bucknell University to study business and also running on their track team in the Patriots League. 

“I am very grateful for the opportunities this program has granted to me and would like to thank all of the wonderful adult leaders for helping me get this far in my journey, including Mr. Birch, Mr. Santoro, Mr. Stabach and Mr. Rankin. I would also like to thank my Mom and Dad for supporting me in getting Eagle and helping me every step of the way.”      

• Hayden Knight

Best Scout memory: My favorite scout memory is going to Philmont.

Favorite merit badge: Forestry

Most useful skill learned: Time management 

Favorite campout meal: Pop Tarts

Toughest challenge: Continuing with Boy Scouts after COVID put everything on a two-year pause

Eagle Scout Project: My Eagle Project was making two kayak racks for Walker Farm

Number of nights camping: I have around 50 nights of camping.

Future plans: I will be attending UConn for the next four years to major in finance with the goal to get an MBA further down the line.

“I started my scout career as a Tiger cub in Pack 1 Nayatt. I loved everything cub scouts had to offer, including the meetings, campouts and of course, the pinewood derby. Once I was old enough, I crossed the bridge and started my boy-scouting adventures. 

“When I joined Boy Scouts, I was an eager kid who only wanted to go camping. I went on almost every single campout my first couple years in the troop, including going to camp Yawgoog three times. Right from the start, I loved scouting. All of the ranking up and merit badges were just some of the reasons why I chose to make the journey and become an Eagle Scout. Along that journey, I have gone on a lot of campouts, with Yawgoog, Philmont, and Buck Hill being my favorites. I have made a lot of friends along the way, and have developed leadership skills that I am excited to use for the rest of my life.

“My leadership in the troop started right when I reached First Class. My first leadership position in the troop was the Outdoor Ethics Guide. That position helped me become more comfortable talking in front of the troop which led me to become a Troop Guide during my second year. Next I served as Troop Instructor my third year of leadership. As I have held these positions, I have been able to help out the younger scouts around me in their quest for Eagle Scout. I have been able to help support them and teach them all of the requirements they need to get to their next ranks. This love for scouting was instilled in me by many of the adult leaders that I was lucky enough to share my journey with. 

“I would like to thank Jon Stabach, Wade Ogden, Dan Birch, Frank Santoro, Mark Hilty, Tina Calise and both of my parents for helping guide me along my path. I also would like to thank Mr. Rankin for everything he has done for me. Although he is no longer with us, Mr. Rankin has been a part of my scouting journey from the very beginning when I was a Tiger scout and has always been a guiding light and a role model for me.”

• Aiden Pilipski 

Best Scout memory: Seeing Lonesome Lake after my first uphill hike ever.

Favorite merit badge: Swimming

Most useful skill learned: Interpersonal skills

Favorite campout meal: Pop Tarts

Toughest Challenge: Senior Patrol Leader

Eagle Scout Project: Building a giant chessboard for the kids at Hampden Meadows

Number of nights camping: Over 40 

Future plans: Aiden would like to graduate college with a degree. He aspires to be a paid actor in a successful film that people enjoy.

“I started my journey in scouting in seventh or eighth grade. I joined because I thought it might be a fun experience. I was right. I received Eagle my freshman year of college. 

“I was in the Cobra Dragons patrol for a long time, and then I was moved to the Carnivorous Watermelon patrol for the rest of my time. 

“I went on many campouts, but the winter cabin campouts were always my favorite, even though I regretted going every time during the trip for one reason or another. 

“I loved setting up fundraisers and later becoming Senior Patrol Leader for a time, even though it was tough. I made great friends in Troop 2 and it was a worthwhile experience.

• Finn Stabach

Best Scout memory: Winning the canoe race at Yawgoog

Favorite merit badge: Welding

Most useful skill learned: First Aid

Favorite campout meal: Chili with cast iron cornbread cooked on coals

Toughest challenge: Apart from achieving the rank of Eagle Scout; earning BSA Lifeguarding

Eagle Scout Project: Constructed a trail kiosk for the BCLT Osamequin Bird Sanctuary

Number of nights camping: 100-plus

Future plans: I plan to study mechanical engineering at the University of Rhode Island.

“Finn was eager to start his scouting career in Nayatt Pack 1 after watching his brothers for three years. To date, Finn is the only Stabach to have earned a pinewood derby award with his 'block' car. He received his first patch from Mr. Santoro who saw his leadership potential at an early age. 

“His path to Eagle in Troop 2 began on May 10, 2017 and he promoted two meetings later to Scout. After 31 merit badges and six merit badge colleges, a few merit badges stand out, like plumbing, welding and metalwork where "Chief" Mansfield took Finn under his wing in the shop. “Over and Out”!

“Finn had many volunteer opportunities unloading St. John's pumpkin patch, scouting for food, soup kitchens and many Eagle projects. He was also elected to the Order of the Arrow (OA).

“Finn watched his brothers (and dad) head to Yawgoog summer camp for five long years and many hot field parades before finally having his turn. Even a broken collarbone didn’t stop him! In his seven years at Yawgoog.  He was awarded the J. Harold William Brotherhood Award, won the mile run in 2021 and 2022, won the canoe race with Aidan Chopin in 2023 and earned BSA Lifeguarding.

“Favorite campouts to Mt. Washington, Mt. Monadnock, Mt. Greylock, Mt. Lafayette, Carter Notch Hut, Merck Forest, VT Winter Trek, Zealand Falls Hut (18th Birthday) and of course the 10-day Philmont trek, returning home with stories of muddy boots, turtles, mr. sprinkles, landscapes, animals and THE bear! 

“His leadership experiences ranged from cub scout den chief with Dr. Z, to patrol leader, NYLT, Philmont trek leader to SPL at Yawgoog in 2021 and the troop 2021-2022 where he enjoyed working alongside Mr. Birch. Each position was more intimidating than the last but he always rose to the challenge seeking to do his best and leave a positive impact. Always willing to help no matter where he is… he is the first one to lend a hand and last to leave… ensuring he and others leave no trace.

“Finn loves photography, skiing, bike riding, hiking and soccer, but running most of all. He has run for four years at BHS, being named Captain in his senior year. Next year Finn will start the 4+1 Mechanical Engineering program at URI. He is excited to join his brothers Evan and Colin in becoming an Eagle and is grateful for the past seven years of experiences, amazing leadership (you know who you ALL are) and all the friends he has made along the way! Mr. Santoro’s favorite quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson "it's not the destination, it’s the journey” has proven true for Finn!”

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