With Madden 12, popular football franchise is better than ever

With Madden 12, popular football franchise is better than ever

Madden 12
“Madden 12” is the most realistic football experience ever presented to the video game industry.

EA Sports released the annual installment of its juggernaut Madden franchise late last month and with features such as an improved franchise mode, a new dynamic player performance system and solid graphics, the title represents an addition that will undoubtedly be embraced by football simulation fans around the world.

Having secured exclusive licensing rights from the National Football League several years ago, the latest releases of Madden have all been judged against prior installments. In looking at “Madden 12” versus “Madden 11,” there are a number of improvements and upgrades that make the new version worth the money.

The previously mentioned franchise mode, for example, is deeper than ever. Unlike previous years, the mode now calls on players to move through a series of “cut days” during the pre-season in trimming their roster down for opening day. Each week that a player invited to camp remains on the roster, more and more of their stats and ratings are revealed. This process allows the gamer to trim the fat from their roster while looking for a future star who may have been passed over by other teams.

Additionally, franchise mode comes complete with a new scouting system that allows you to learn more about potential draft picks as the season rolls on. Paying attention to the various bits of information derived during this process is essential to having a productive draft.

Another means of improving your roster is free agency, which has also been re-vamped from previous years. Gamers must act quickly in identifying who they may interested in as a countdown begins for each player once an initial offer has been made.

On top of all this, franchise mode now brings unique players roles, such as team mentor or defensive playmaker. These ratings, some of which are position-specific, can not only impact ratings those individual players or an entire squad on your side of the ball but they can also adversely affect your opponent. Individual players will also experience varying levels of ratings improvements or decreases from week to week based on a new dynamic player performance system.

The system works by each player carrying a level of confidence and consistency. Though consistent players such as Tom Brady or Peyton Manning may not be impacted too much by a good or bad week, younger and less experienced players can see dramatic impacts on their levels based on a prior week’s performance.

Inside the games themselves, things have never looked better. Details such as the green sticker for players with radio receivers and pylons in the end zones are just a couple of the fine points that make “Madden 12” the most realistic football experience ever presented to the video game industry. While the commentary won’t blow you away (a good bit of it has been imported from last year), the stadiums have never looked better and the lighting effects are outstanding.

Other improvements to the game include defensive A.I. that is better than ever, improved, more realistic physics based on player tendencies, sizes and styles and online communities that allow competition to be found online with like-minded players.