Warhammer wins points for online prowess

Warhammer wins points for online prowess


War Hammer 40,000 is a tabletop game set in a dark future where players battle against each other using a variety of detailed alien and human figurines. In “40,000: Space Marine” these battles come to life as you assume the role of Captain Titus, a veteran in an elite fighting force known as the Ultra Marines.

The campaign starts with you being dropped from a ship onto an industrial planet that has been invaded by a race known as Orks. You are to retake and secure the planet, however it is not only the Orks that you have to be concerned with. Chaos Marines show up and pose a little more of a challenge than the Orks.

The campaign is pretty straightforward, there are only a few directions you can go. So as long as you stay on the beaten path, you will get to the next checkpoint. If you happen to lose your way, an indicator pops up showing you which direction to head in. You could breeze right through this game in 5 to 7 hours. There really aren’t too many chances to venture off in a different direction.

Gameplay is very smooth, the fighting system is very similar to the Fable games. You can switch back and forth from melee to range weapons very quickly and there are quite a few weapons to chose from, both melee and ranged. Titus is equipped with an armor suit that can be regenerated when out of combat, which is rare. To regain health you must perform finishing moves, which involves using a combo and then pressing a button which cuts to a slow-mo scene. The scenes take about five seconds and during this time other enemies can damage you. During some of the larger fights that can be challenging.

I’ve played plenty of games that had me wrapped up in the storyline, this was not one of them. Dialogue is boring and drawn out. I kept wanting it to end so I could go back to smashing in faces. Graphics were good though, lush landscapes with plenty of gore and decapitations.

What really made this a decent game is the online multiplayer features, with a leveling system and customizable suits of armor. The class system is fairly balanced which made for very close matches. You can choose from three base classes: Melee, Range or Balanced, and each can be altered as you play matches, gain experience points and level up.

There are only two game modes which is a bummer but they were both  fun and competitive.

This is a good game. The campaign could have been more open and flexible but the multiplayer makes up for most of what it was lacking. It’s worth owning for the multiplayer alone.