Wage a psychedelic war in the not-so-distant future

Wage a psychedelic war in the not-so-distant future


Mix colors together to create new ammo for harder enemies.

The Earth is under attack. A group of ruthless aliens, the Chromanoids, are threatening our way of life. And yes, they are multi-colored. Battle your way through 25 levels and five games modes. So fire up your laser banks and knock their lights out.

Chromanoids is a top-down arcade shooter with a retro style which is a perfect fit for this game. It’s very reminiscent of the old school shooters of my childhood. It’s kind of like space invaders but with vivid, modern graphics and challenging game play. Like those old schools shooters, players must battle wave after wave of enemies which gets progressively harder.

Players simply tap one of the center color blocks to choose a color which matches the enemy on screen. Then tap the screen near the enemy to fire ordinance. You must shoot the enemy with the correct color to destroy it. In later waves, you must mix colors to destroy harder enemies. Your weapon has a blast radius, so you don’t need to get a direct hit to destroy the enemy.

As you progress through the game, more challenging enemies will appear. Some fly in a serpentine pattern which makes it difficult to kill while others shield themselves with multi-colored barriers. While the basic gameplay doesn’t change much, the addition of these enemies will challenge and surprise the players.

Select the appropriate colored ammo to destroy your foe.

There are also three power ups which will help you along the way. You can increase your blast radius or destroy all enemies on screen. They are really powerful weapons with limited supply. But more can be purchased with credits either earned through the game or in-app purchase.

Now my only issue with Chromanoids is that you must buy credits to continue in the game. You start the game with a limited amount of credits. Once you have spent those on special ammo or continues, you’re out and need to buy more. I found it frustrating when I’m at wave 24 with no more credits and can’t continue until I buy more. I can see in-app purchases for new weapons or special ammo but not continues. I always hated having to put quarter after quarter into the arcade machine. Don’t make me do the same on my iPhone.

I found this game to be a joy to play. The control system is simple with easy gameplay but is very challenging as you progress. The retro style and vivid colors will mesmerize older gamers and young ones alike. The five different modes will keep you coming back for more. While having to purchase credits can be annoying, the game is still fun. You can also start over and not waste the coin.

Chromanoids is fun a game that is a must have for all iPhone and iPad owners.