This is my iPad and this is my Boomstick!

This is my iPad and this is my Boomstick!

Army of Darkness Defense
Ash chops down a Deadite

The hit comedy horror, Army of Darkness, has come to iOS as an incredibly fun tower defense game. Based on the last movie of the Evil Dead trilogy, fans will be pleased to see some of their favorite characters and goofy catch-phrases from the movie. Rev up your chainsaw, lock and load cause it’s killing time.

Players must defend the Necronomicon from hordes of Deadites. Lucky you are not empty handed. You have your trusty shotgun as well as your medieval prosthetic hand. Touch the left or right side of your screen to move. Once you get close enough to a Deadite, ash will take care of the rest. He will start firing.  If a Deadite gets to close, you will punch them with your metal fist.

Of course you are not alone. You are the Saviour! King Arthur, Duke Henry, the Wiseman and the rest of the knights will help you defend the Necronomicon. As you rise higher in levels, more characters will become available to you. You are limited to the amount of members that can aid you, so choose wisely. I found that having have Arthur, archers and the Wiseman are a must for your team. You can have up to five, but those three will give you a well rounded team.

You are also able to upgrade Ash, your team as well as your castle to give you that extra edge over the Deadites. Each team member can be upgraded which increases their life and strength. Ash can also increase his life and strength as well as obtain special attacks which will decimate your enemies. You can trade in your metal hand for your chainsaw to rip into and enemy in range. The boomstick, shotgun, can have it’s power increased. You are also able to call down a barrage of arrows or boulders, cast magic spells, use the Wrong Book to suck in enemies and even drive out the Deathcoaster to run over your enemies.

My favorite special attack is the Deathcoaster. Your car was brought back with you to this medieval age. It’s been modified to be come a Deadite killing machine on wheels. It will speed through the map chopping up enemies as it goes. How long the attack will last is dependent on the level it has been upgraded to. This is the most powerful of all the attacks and should be fully maxed out.

Now I’m a huge Evil Dead fan and was excited to learn that an Army of Darkness game was available on iOS. I was curious on how the game would play and what style the design would be. When the game first launched, I was a little taken back by the graphics. I though that the graphics would be a little edgey and dark but was presented with a cartoon styled game. It definitely wasn’t what I was expecting. That being said, the graphics are nicely done and the gameplay is smooth and fluid. I found myself digging it.

The touch controls are simple and very easy to use. A must for any good touch controlled game. There are only four spots on the screen to control Ash which allows you to enjoy the game. The highlight of Army of Darkness is it’s witty voice acting and sound effects. All of Ash’s famous lines from the movie are in the game. It’s just a great way to reenforce the greatness of the movie.

My biggest issue with this game was the level difficulties set through the game. I was able to quickly make my way through level 50 without to much trouble. While fun and entertaining, the first 49 levels felt relatively the same, difficulty wise. Level 50 came, and bam, difficulty level was cranked up to “100”. I’ve been playing this level for a while now. I’ve never able to kill evil undead Ash. I’d like to see the difficulty level gradually rise instead of staying mostly flat until the end.

That being said, this was a great game and it’s five star rating on iTunes is accurate. I love this game. I haven’t been able to stop playing it for days.  It’s fun, entertaining and is a crowd pleaser. While the graphics are not what you would expect for a horror comedy, they look great. I’m giving Army of Darkness a 9.5 out of 10. Definitely pick this one up.

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