The worst game ever comes to iPhone

The worst game ever comes to iPhone


Paper Wars
Screenshot of Paper Wars gameplay.

Boasted as the worst video game ever release, Paper Wars puts you at the controls of a rust-buck of tank. Blast wave after wave of soldiers ensuring victory for your forces.

Paper Wars became a hit for PS3 and PSP due to its addictive gameplay and cheesy-but-fun style. Now, when I first launched this game, the cheesy graphics and ghetto sound effects made a weird first impression. They did say this was the worst game ever, I wondered how it would play.

You are presented with only one campaign to play at first with more to unlock as you beat a set number of missions. You are also able to play a survival mode which should keep you entertained until you can unlock the next campaign. The gameplay is relatively simple, you control a tank’s turret by tapping a spot on the field. Ordinance will then blast out at your enemies killing all in a small radius. You are also able to acquire different types of ordinance as well as land mines and power ups to give you and extra edge.

Each mission is relatively the same where you must kill a certain amount of enemies. But the mission get progressively harder with faster enemies, stronger soldiers, and a lower allowance of enemies you can miss. For a simple cheesy game, Paper Wars gives the gamer a fun, entertaining experience.

Each new campaign unlocked, gives you an interesting new environment to wage war in. You’ll be able to acquire new types of weaponry, like ice bombs, which helps to give this simple gameplay more depth. It’s very easy to switch between the different types of ordinance. Just place a finger on the ammo icon and swipe to the desired one.

I found the cyber wars campaign to be a very challenging campaign. By far my favorite. You are presented with different types of enemy’s which can only be killed by a certain weapon. Again, this adds a little more depth which just reenforces how much went into this game. iFun4all did a great job at capturing that hacker, bootleg feel. You can tell that the designs spent a lot of time in creating this style. From the cheesy graphics and lame music to the backwards letters and misspelled words, you are immersed in this “crappy” game and I loved it! The style totally makes this game standout from the rest.

For parents out there, this game is ok for younger children. So don’t worry if your little one likes to play on your phone. There isn’t any blood, gore or inappropriate language. The gameplay is less violent than games geared towards younger ones. My son Alex, 4, loves this game and it isn’t any more violent than a Sponge Bob Square Pants game.

There’s not a lot to say bad about this game. I would like to see more campaigns. Right now there are only three and more would make a great game even better. I’d also like to see more ammo types. One aspect of the game which ticked me off, was getting penalized if I destroyed power ups. You are prevented from shooting for a few seconds. I know that it is suppose to add more challenge to the game, but it’s annoying. The duration of this prevention isn’t long enough to make it a true penalty. And the appearance of a power up when ordinance is already in the air isn’t very far.

This was a great game. For such a simple game,there is a lot to challenge you and get you to play again. The style is unique and fun and it’s priced right at only 99¢. Im giving Paper Wars a 9 out of 10. Fixing those minor issues would definitely make this one a 10. It has earned a permanent spot on my iPhone!

Paper Wars is a must to have for any mobile gamer.