The Witch With No Name is a perfect read for all ages

The Witch With No Name is a perfect read for all ages


SlimCricket, an app developer for children, has recently released a new digital interactive book – The Witch with No Name.

The Witch with No Name follows an unhappy witch who has lost her name. Of course this makes for a very upset which who does not treat her neighbors very well. With the help of a friendly bat, readers go on an interactive journey to find ingredients for a spell which will help the witch find her name.

You begin the book by choosing one of two reading modes: “Read to me” or “Read by myself”. This allows beginner readers to follow along with the book and challenge readers with more experience. It also offers to reading levels so you can really narrow in on your child’s reading level. My son Alex is good at reading and has read the book himself a few times but also enjoys the “Read to me feature” which allows him to spend more time playing the games and looking for hidden objects.

Readers get to dive into a very rich and detailed environment with vivid illustrations and interactive 3D worlds. Young readers can slide their finger around to peer behind objects in the scene to find hidden clues and secrets. Or interact with games to progress the story. The audio aspect of this book greatly compliments the style with great voice acting, funny sound effects and great music. This rich world is perfectly designed for younger readers.

My family has a growing collection of interactive books and the ones that find a great way to utilize the interactive features of a tablet and mobile device get into our favorites collection. The Witch With No Name has become one of those games do to how interactive it is and the amount of games it offers.

Your journey through the books takes you to sleeping giant where you must make him sneeze out a giant nose hair and too a forest on the hunt for a stinky sock. You even have to preform a song of farts. These fun games are design with kids humor in mind. What 4-10 year old doesn’t laugh about stinky socks and farts. The games are fun and simple which is perfect for kids. They don’t feel like a separate piece of the book but fit perfectly into the story.

My family loves this book. The illustrations and audio are amazing, the games are fun and age appropriate, and it makes our son want to read. And that is the most important part of this book. It makes kids want to read and enjoy reading. With all the video games and cartoons, it can be difficult to get them to enjoy reading.

This is a must have for you child’s book collection.

The Witch With No Name is available for $4.99 on the App Store as a cross-platform app for iOS so you can use it on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. You can also download extra games and coloring material at

The Witch With No Name
Score: 9 out of 10 Not available
Our Take: Great, kid-friendly story featuring beautiful illustrations and interactive games and content.
Publisher: SlimCricket
Available on: iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Amazon Apps
Rated: 4+ (good for all ages)