Tekken Hybrid Doesn’t Stand a Fighting Chance

Tekken Hybrid Doesn’t Stand a Fighting Chance


Tekken Hybrid - PS3

I recently sat down on the couch with a friend to play Namco’s latest installment  in their Tekken series, Tekken Hybrid. It turns out Tekken Hybrid is just a cut-and-paste job of “Tekken Tag Tournament”, Tekken’s 1999 installment for the PS2, a sneak peek at TTT 2, and a full length movie. Tekken Tag Tournament featured the same exact maps, characters, and skins. It was laughable at best.

Gameplay was fine at first, but repetition quickly wore me down. It boils down to button mashing and sticking with over- powered characters after just a few rounds. It was not the best start for the bundle. We tried out a few other modes too. Arcade mode proved insanely difficult by the fourth round so I took a peek at the minigame. It was bowling in some underground club of death. There were torches, pins that were golden skulls, and most importantly, no gutters. The club’s inhabitants included other fighters, SWAT members waving guns around, and gangsters watching you play. The unique perks were the most interesting feature of the bowling game. An example would be a sight built into the shogun helmet that Yoshimitsu, a robo-samurai, wore which made hitting the pins much easier.

The movie was terrible. It felt like a sequel to some other obscure Tekken movie. Constant references to events that didn’t happen in the movie made it impossible to follow. One ridiculous scene involved robot girls with chainsaw arms fighting pandas. It was just silly.  There was also a romance subplot that attempted to give the movie depth, but it couldn’t salvage a terribe film.  It was a waste of 90 minutes, really.

Tekken Hybrid’s saving grace was it’s third feature; a demo of TTT: Prologue. Set to release late in 2012, Prologue was a step up, as hoped, from it’s predecessor. It was sleek, easier to understand,and had some excellent graphics to go with the more powerful attacks. Overall, this package isn’t a great buy, and it doesn’t have much of a replayability factor. Namco did a good job with the newest installment of Tekken, though, and I feel as though it will capture the hearts of Tekken fans everywhere.  Instead of coughing up your bucks for a demo, a re-release, and a movie, wait for TTT 2 to officially come out. Individual ratings would be a 4/10 for TTT, a 1/10 for the movie, Blood Vengeance, and a 6.5/10 for TTT: Prologue.