Superhero brawler is strictly for kids

Superhero brawler is strictly for kids


“Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet” is a third-person action game based on the hit Cartoon Network series. Geared toward younger gamers, your favorite heroes have child-like appearances with a more innocent dialog and watered-down violence.

The story begins with Hulk and Iron Man picking up Thor’s birthday gift. They discover that Thanos is after the six Infinity Stones. You must find all the stones before Thanos can retrieve them, becoming the most powerful being in the universe. Assemble your squad and take out the trash.

THQ has done a good job at replicating the TV series’ look and feel, which my son loved.

“It’s just like my show!” he said.

It has that same child-like style with bright colors, kid-friendly banter and mild violence. You must battle your way through 12 levels and defeat some of Marvel’s classic super villains like a Super Skrull, Galactus and Dr. Doom.

I thought that with all the villains in the Marvel Universe there would have been a more diverse number of villains to fight. But each level offers up only a couple types of villains which leaves the game feeling a little flat. It was nice that Galactus was added to the game for us to fight, but it was pretty lame. Throwing ice cream into his mouth made no sense to me and he really didn’t fit into the storyline.

Also, the levels were short and too simple to give your average gamer a challenge, even at the most difficult setting. It was tough for me to review this game as it wasn’t made for a gamer over 13. But for gamers under 10 who are fans of the TV series, then this is for them.


Let the boy speak

Since the game is geared to younger gamers, I’ll have my son, Alex (4) give his thoughts on this one.

Tell me, what did you like about SHS?

“I liked the way it looked. It looked just like the show. You can play as all the main guys.”

Who was your favorite character?

“I liked playing as the Hulk. It’s cool when you smash things.”

Were there enough heroes to play in this game?

“No way! I want to play as more guys. And there should be more moves for each hero.”

Was the game challenging enough for you?

“Yeah. Some parts were really hard for me. Like when I had to carve metal blocks with Wolverine and place them in the right spot before time ran out. I needed you to help me.”

What was your favorite level?

“I love level 3. I liked fighting the Skrulls. It’s fun to beat them up.”

What was your favorite boss?

“Super Skrull. He has all the different powers from the Fantastic Four and he looks cool. It was tough for me to beat him. But when I did, it was so cool!”

It sounds like you enjoyed this game. Was there anything you didn’t like?

“I didn’t like that flying characters didn’t fly longer. They fell too fast. If they can fly, then they should be able to fly. I also hated that when you save the game and continued later, you start back at the beginning of the level. You should start where you saved in the level. It made me angry like the Hulk!”

What was your favorite part of the game?

“I really liked playing the game with you Daddy. It was fun to beat the bad guys together. You also could do the puzzle that were too tricky.”


For little true believers only

The game wasn’t very challenging for older gamers, but it was for the little ones. It could have been more challenging, had more villains, and offered gamers more moves. But it was a good game for my little guy. I enjoyed watching and playing this game with my son, which is what it’s all about.

‘Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet’

Score: 7 out of 10

Our take: This one is strictly for kids. As such, it’s a success. But even for a kiddie game there’s plenty of room for improvement. score: 55 out of 100 (mixed or average reviews)

Available on: Xbox 360 (reviewed), PS3, Wii, DS

Rated: E for everyone