Street Fighter IV Volt packs a solid punch

Street Fighter IV Volt packs a solid punch

Street Fighter IV Volt - Cody
Street Fighter IV Volt offers characters and features that Street Fighter IV doesn't have.

Unless you have been living on another planet, most gamers have played a Street Fighter game. Its a fighting-style game that has been around since 1987. Street Fighter IV Volt is the latest release for iOS and is identical to Street Fighter IV with a few cool additions. Volt offers mobile gamers a great 2D fighting experience with that 3D flair which runs smoothly on a touch device.

Whats new with this version? Volt allows gamers to now customize their avatar, play others through a Wi-Fi connection, have access to new characters and get a new feature called Wandering Warrior.

So most casually gamers will be happy with the 18 characters available including four new characters Balrog, Vega, Cody and a mystery character. All of your favorite moves for these characters are available with tons of other moves. Its great to have all of these moves but it can be a little daunting to try an remember each move. Fortunately, you have access to the complete list of moves for your character. Some moves can be difficult to preform which is do to a “touchy” touch-based control pad and complicated control sequences. I found certain complex moves, which are easy to perform on a console with a D-Pad or thumb stick, hard to perform with a touch screen. At times it just doesn’t recognize the thumb gestures.

The graphics and audio experience Street Fighter IV Volt are spot on. It definitely gives you that traditional Street Fighter experience. The 2D character sprites were created from 3D rendered images which gives that 3D fighter feel with the speed of a 2D game. Its a great way to have awesome graphics without sacrificing performance. I also loved the 3D videos when a finishing move is performed. It makes it that much more special. Great addition.

Unfortunately, Street Fighter IV Volt is short. You can beat “Solo Play” very quickly. After a few times, you get bored with this title. Fortunately, you can now battle others over a Wi-Fi connection which helps with the replay-ability factor. I found that its easy to connect with others and play without getting dropped.

Customizing your avatar and title screen is a cool feature but isn’t a major addition to get players excited. The wandering Warrior is another new feature that I didn’t really get. With this feature, your avatar is suppose to level up as you play. But it is unclear if this is happening and what the benefits are to the player. Very vague and confusing which is something I’ve heard from other gamers.

Street Fighter IV Volt is a solid game. The new features in Volt are a nice addition but are too little to require a special separate game. It could have been add as an update to Street Fighter IV. This is just your basic your basic Street Fighter game which is available on a touch device. There isn’t anything special or wowing to this release. That being said, its a fun game and fans of the Street Fighter franchise will want this one. If you haven’t download Street Fighter IV yet, get Street Fighter IV Volt. But if you already have Street Fighter IV, save your cash for another game.