Retro gaming cases bring a touch of nostalgia to your iPhone

G Boy case for iPhone.

Controller case for iPhone.

Controller case for iPhone.

Rocketcases has recently started selling a line of “Retro Gamer” cases for iPhone (4 thru 5S) which are sure to bring back some old memories.

I was a child of the 80s and the NES was the first gaming system I had. I spent so many days and nights with family and friends playing some of the most iconic games. Seeing the Controller case brings back memories of playing the original Zelda with my cousins in Maine, and playing Duckhunt for the first time that wintery Christmas morning when I was seven years old. G Boy also has a similar affect on me with all those great games that you could play where ever you went.

G Boy and Controller are two retro cases designed to protect that beloved mobile device from scratches and small falls. I’ve seen similar “gaming” cases out there that are just poorly made and quickly deteriorate after a short time of use. But not with these cases. Each case is made from either a hard silicone or soft plastic material that fits perfectly to your device. They are both crafted very well and, thankfully, hold up very well in small falls and slides.

G Boy case on an iPhone 4.

G Boy case on an iPhone 4.

The G Boy case is modeled after everyones favorite original handheld, the Nintendo Gameboy. This case is made of a soft silicone material that fits snuggly over your device. The case is constructed really well and come in a few different colors which is really nice. I have the original color, white, and really like that the buttons are raised. It feels like you have a Gameboy in your hand. You can tell that Rocketcases spent some time to make sure the final piece was polished. Seeing G Boy on my iPhone makes me remember playing Doctor Mario over and over when I was a kid.

Controller case on an iPhone 4.

Controller case on an iPhone 4.

The Controller case looks like the original NES controller. Its constructed of a hard plastic with a detailed image of the NES controller under clear plastic. I think this case could have been improved with raised and recessed surfaces like the G Boy case but it is still really cool. I prefer the feel of a hard case and am using Controller for my iPhone 4. Like the G Boy, the case has that polished feel to it.

Rocketcases made a smart move in creating retro gaming cases. There are millions of 80s gamers out there like me which these cases speak too. It may sound crazy of me talking about these memories of gaming 20 years ago but, as I get older, childhood memories are becoming more important. And we will pay to have a piece of our childhood.

For just $15 bucks, you get a quality case and a flood of great memories. You can’t go wrong.

“Retro Gamer” cases

Score: 9 out of 10
Our Take: Quality constructed cases at a very affordable price. Model after fan favorite gaming systems of the 80s and early 90s.
Buy from: Rocketcases website


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