Puzzle Agent is back with more intense puzzles

Puzzle Agent is back with more intense puzzles


Puzzle Agent 2

The famous gum chew, Agent Nelson Tethers, is back in Puzzle Agent 2 for iOS. In this sequel to the hit puzzle adventurer, Agent Tethers goes rogue and heads back to Scoggin Minnesota to solve the mystery of the missing eraser factory foreman. With your trusty pack of gum in hand, you must solve challenging puzzle to find out what is really happening in Scoggin.

If you are unfamiliar with this series, Puzzle Agent throws challenging puzzles and mind twisters at the player while they progress through a very clever storyline. The player progresses through a series of cut scenes and “stages” were you interact with characters and the environment to uncover clues and puzzles. You will also be able to find chewed gum which will help you concentrate on puzzles when you get stuck.

The gameplay is super simple; solve a bunch of puzzles. But what makes this game so great is the amazing storeyline. The player gets drawn into the story through a great an unusual story, interesting plot and quirky supporting characters. The puzzles are also unique and challenging.

When you find a puzzle, Nelson will have a file which gives a little intel on the challenge. You then solve the puzzle and submit it. If it’s wrong, you’ll have to try again. If you’re stumped, Nelson can use the chewed gum found to get a hint or two. Depending on the amount of gum used and how many errors, you will receive a grade.

Puzzle Agent 2
Help Agent Tethers solve challenging puzzles and brain twisters.

You don’t HD 3D graphics to have a great looking game and Puzzle Agent 2 proves it. The graphics are a cool 2D style which fits the game perfectly. It has a hand-drawn cartoony style with a gritty flare. The animation is simple with that “paper cutout” style and stop motion feel. It’s a great change to the endless horrible 3D style games littering the App Store.

With challenging puzzles and brain twisters, Puzzle Agent 2 will be keeping players entertained for hours. The storyline, graphics and corny characters will giver players an amazing experience. Puzzle Agent 2 is definitely worth the download. Shooters are fun but there is nothing better than a good challenging puzzler.

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