One of the best PC games blasts onto MAC

One of the best PC games blasts onto MAC


Burn Zombie Burn! - flamethrower
Players have a plethora of weapons to utilize.

Burn Zombie Burn! Is an arena based shooter which puts you in control of Bruce, the Fonz with an attitude. You must battle wave after wave of relentless zombies sporting some really crazy weapons. So fire up the lawn more because it’s killing time.

Playstation 3 owners made Burn Zombie Burn! a hit and now Mac owners can download it from the Mac App Store!

Burn Zombie Burn! Give players two main gaming modes, multiplayer and single. Single player is the main mode of this title with tons of options to keep you craving more zombie burning actions. You mainly play in the arcade mode which offers six levels and four game modes; free play, timed, defend daisy and survival. Each mode has it’s own unique challenges which gives great depth of gameplay to the player. I find myself always playing Defend Daisy. Having to defend Daisy as hordes of zombies try to eat her is a great challenge. You can of course choose your difficulty level depending on your skill level.

Reaching certain achievements and score levels will unlock ten different challenges which helps to pump up the replay ability factor of Burn Zombie Burn!. I really enjoy these challenges. Caution: Minefield is very challenging. You must be careful of where you are shooting. The level is littered with explosives. A misplaced blast will cost you.

You know a game is good when you find the tutorial exciting. When I first launched Burn Zombie Burn!, I immediately went to the tutorial section to learn how to play. I was amazed. I spent hours playing match after match learning the different moves and weapons. This section is very thorough giving players individual matches for each weapon and mode.

I found that the graphics and style of Burn Zombie Burn! To be amazing. First the style is so cool. It has that stylized dark comic book feeling which I just love. The traditional “realistic” survival horror has gotten old. And if it isn’t spot on, it can be a huge negative for a title. The graphics, light and sound are perfect and entraps the player in this gory world. The gameplay is also very smooth and glitch free. Amazing.


iPhone as a controller

Originally released for PS3 as a download (and later PC), players had a controller to guide Bruce through the game. Unfortunately for casual PC gamers, you don’t have a controller. Like most PC games, the controls can be confusing with actions being spread across the keyboard. Fortunately, Mac owners with an iOS device, you have a wireless controller which you are a pro at.

Burn Zombie Burn! - iOS Controller
Players can turn their iOS device into a wireless controller with this free app.

You can download a free app for Burn Zombie Burn! Which will turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a controller. You must have an available wireless wi-fi network to connect the game to the controller. This process is super simple. Start the game and before pressing launch, open the app on your iOS device. The device will quickly connect and works perfectly. I’ve been playing this game for hours and have yet to get any glitches or lag.

This feature made a great game amazing. You can control the movements of Bruce and toggle auto-aim and strafe. There are also six action buttons which allows you to quickly switch between your different weapons. This allows you to play a computer game like a console without having to buy a controller and software. Unless I can play a computer game with a mouse and just a couple of keys, I usually stay away. Adding this feature is a game changer for games developed for Mac, or and computer.

Burn Zombie Burn! Has become one of my favorite all time games. I’m a huge fan of the zombie genre but find myself let down by zombie shooters a lot. This one didn’t disappoint. From graphics and style to gameplay and game options, Burn Zombie Burn! Was perfect. But the addition of turning your iOS device into a controller, made a 9 out of 10 a solid 10.

If you have a Mac, then you need this game.