Official Map App helps Batman Arkham City players find the gold

Official Map App helps Batman Arkham City players find the gold

Batman Arkham City Official Map App
Each section of the game has detailed maps with the locations of all Riddler's Trophies.

Are you trying to find all of the Riddler’s Trophies and need help? There is an App for that.

Developer Dorling Kindersley has recently released a companion app for Batman Arkham City. Players can access interactive maps for every location in the game with all Riddler’s Trophies locations.

I’ve become a huge Batman Arkham City fan. You can say I’m an addict. With all games I play, I like to complete all missions and find all hidden items. So, with this game I want to find all the trophies and there are a ton of them. Some trophies are hidden really well. With the Official Map App, finding all the trophies is a breeze.

Players have access to all the maps of the game with the trophy locations accurately marked. Players can pinch to zoom in and out of the maps, and tap a location to pull up a screen which gives easy instructions on how to acquire the trophy. Some trophies can be difficult to figure out how to get them. Its nice to have some help with them.

The player can also mark the location if they have acquired the trophy. This feature is a great addition to the app. With so many trophies scattered throughout the game, it can be difficult to remember what trophies you have and what needs to be found. With just a tap, the player can manage their trophies.

Batman Arkham City Official Map App
Simple instructions help the player acquire some of the most elusive trophies.

The app is available for iPhone and iPad with the graphics looking great on both devices. I really like how the app looks on the iPad with the larger maps its easier to use. The iPhone version works better for me though. Having it on a smaller device makes it more “handy” while playing. With the Official Map App being a “dual device” app, I’d like to see a synch feature so marking a location as being completed on one device would also update on my other iOS device.

One small feature that needs to be praised is the use of sound within the app. Batman Arkham City Official Map App utilizes some great sound effects and background music which makes the app feel more polished. The sound effects of button taps is really cool.

One small issue I have, though, is the limited functionality of this app. Just Riddler’s Trophies are shown. For $2.99, I’d like to see more features included like how-to’s for side missions and achievement walkthroughs. Adding more features would make the app feel like its worth it’s $2.99 price tag.

The App does what the developer promises, all trophies are shown. I’ve found that the maps are very accurate with very insightful instructions on how to acquire the trophies. This is a very helpful app and makes a perfect companion to Batman Arkham city. Fans will definitely want to pick this app up.

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