Nightwing DLC brings an amazing new character to Batman Arkham City

Nightwing DLC brings an amazing new character to Batman Arkham City


Nightwing | Batman Arkham City

The first DLC pack for Batman Arkham City brought one of my favorite Batman heros to Arkham City. The Nightwing DLC pack brings a completely new playable character, Nightwing. With his own fighting style and moves, players get a whole new experience in Arkham City but is it worth the $6.99 price tag.

Sort of.

You get to play as Nightwing which is a huge plus. Dick Grayson was the original Robin, for me the only Robin, who shed that persona and assumed the role of Nightwing. In Arkham City, Nightwing has a completely different fighting style than Batman. He isn’t as strong but fast with a more smooth “fighting flow”. You also get new gadgets which are simply amazing and work into your “fighting flow” better. Your main weapon is twin electro-batons which you use to beat and stun your enemies. The batons can also be thrown and bounced off objects in the environment to knock down enemies that you otherwise couldn’t. You can also produce a stun blast to affect multiple enemies and you can even shoot stun darts which can completely knock out an enemy.

Nightwing | Batman Arkham City

I can’t stress how awesome this character is. Batman will always be number one in this game but Nightwing is a close second for me. I find that it is such a joy to play all the challenges with him. You also receive two skins for Nightwing with the download; the main skin and one from the animated series.

The huge down side with this pack is the lack of any add-on missions to Batman Arkham City. Unlike the Catwoman pack which comes with four side mission, the Nightwing DLC only comes with only two new challenge maps. The maps look good and being able to play as Nightwing in all of the challenge maps is fun but I’d like to see him be a part of the story. Having a similar pack structure to the Catwoman DLC would have made this DLC pack worth the $6.99.

Fans of Batman Arkham City will definitely want to pick this DLC pack up. You get a great new playable character that is stronger than Catwoman and faster than Batman. The new gadgets are also amazing and the two new challenge maps are fun. With the price being relatively inexpensive, the Nightwing DLC pack will not be a waste of money.