LEGO Batman 2 is the next evolution of Lego video games

LEGO Batman 2 is the next evolution of Lego video games


Lego Batman 2 is the sequel to the hit 2008 game Lego batman. In this follow up game, players not only get to suit up as batman but some of DC comic’s fan favorites. 

Bruce Wayne and Lex Luther are both up for the “Man of the Year” award and all of Gotham has turned out including the criminals. Gotham’s worst super villains crash the party stealing the “Man of the Year” award as well as cash and jewels from the attendees. While bringing these villains to justice, Batman and Robin discover Lex Luther’s diabolical plan to win the Presidential Election by using Jokers knowledge of chemicals to brainwash the American citizens. With the help of Superman, stop Lex Luther and save the world.

Lego Batman 2 follows the same core game mechanics as all the other games in the Lego franchise,  so I won’t go into great detail here. Though it’s pretty much the same as previous Lego games, the controls and gameplay feels more polished. All of the technical aspects; graphics, sound, animation and AI is just so much better making Lego batman 2 look and play amazing. 

Building objects works better and new fighting actions have been added. With the addition of Superman, players can now fly through the air which adds a new dimension, literally, to the game. Simply double tap the A button (xbox) and get airborne to fly to new areas. Unfortunately, flying can be a little difficult. You have to remember to hold the A button to fly up or down as well as certain action sequences and battle areas.

Superman - LEGO Batman 2
Superman is one of the main playable characters of LEGO Batman 2.

What makes this game standout is that it builds upon the successes of past Lego games and gives players two new amazing features. 

First, Lego Batman 2 is the first Lego game to feature dialog. No more murmuring every character has a voice. The story is able to be developed more through the character’s dialog giving players a more robust story. You get to hear the sarcasm in Batman’s voice when talking with Superman which is pretty funny. Now, I’m on the fence on some of the character’s voices. Joker and Harley are the only voices that I really like. Maybe it’s the endless movies and cartoons I’ve watched since I was a kid, but I just find some of the main voice just not quite right. Batman, for instance, is just not quite there but at least we get to hear some dialog. 

Now the second great addition to Lego Batman 2 is the open world you play in. You have complete freedom to explore Gotham. From Wayne Manor and the Batcave to Arkham asylum  and everywhere in between. You are able to find citizens to save and characters to unlock. It just an amazing addition which adds hours of game play. My son and I cruised around the city for an hour and just had a blasted. We saved citizens from giant man eating plants and unlocked a couple of new villains. Even location that you play in during story mode has areas to explore.

You can get lost in this new huge world but there is help. A small locator indicator in the top right points you to your current mission and other markers. Its a nice addition to help you get your bearings. You can also call Alfred for one of your many vehicles which can be unlocked during gameplay.

Many of DC Comic’s greatest heros are playable in LEGO Batman 2.

Lego Batman 2 is a pretty solid game with only a few minor issues. I’ve mentioned Superman’s flying ability which can be a little buggy. Its a new feature to the Lego franchise and needs to be tweaked. My biggest issue is with the friendly AI system. Characters that follow you through the game can get stuck in the level. I’ve switched to Robin to get past a certain area and clear a path for Batman. He just sits there and I have to go back and switch to him to continue on. This happens in every level which can be a pain especially for younger gamers. My son gets so mad and I usually jump as the second player to help him along.

A new saved game feature has been added which is something that isn’t that great. I like the game to auto-save in many places. The auto-save is still incorporated but not nearly as often and you must remember to save at the terminal when you make it to the check point (usually half way through a mission).

All Lego games are worth the addition to your gaming collection especially if you have younger gamers. The fun and addictive game play is perfectly gear towards younger gamers and still remains for for older ones. Lego Batman 2, again, builds on the successes of past titles and brings hours of family fun. It is totally worth every cent.