Jurassic Park: The Game plays more like an interactive movie

Jurassic Park: The Game plays more like an interactive movie


T-Rex and triceratops | Jurassic Park: The Game

Telltale games recently released a new Jurassic Park title which allows players to experience the first movie in a whole new way. Who was Nedry selling the embryos to? Where they lost forever? What other dinosaurs were released? Explore the island and discover all of these and more.

First, there has been a lot of grumblings about this game. I’ve heard that “it sucks!”, “it’s the worst game ever”, and so on. But it’s not that bad. Jurassic Park isn’t your typical video game. It’s not a first or third person shooter and I think that is what gets gamers in that “this sucks” mindset.

Jurassic Park: The Game is labeled as a “third-person adventurer” but in reality it’s plays like an interactive movie. You play through an all new storyline which takes place during the the events of the original movie. At key moments of the game, players must press certain buttons when flashed on the screen in order to progress through the “game”. And that’s pretty much it. You spend most of your time “watching” the story on screen with small mini-games to break it up.

Triceratops | Jurassic Park: The Game
Button prompts in certain areas of a scene allows the player to interact with the environment and further the game.

Now when I first fired up Jurassic Park, I was a little disappointed with this style of game. I was expecting a more traditional third-person game. But after a few minutes of playing I started getting into the game. The story is a huge plus for Jurassic Park. You get to experience the events of first movie in a whole new perspective. The new characters and storyline just draw you in. It feels like you are experiencing a new Jurassic Park movie and not a game. The button prompts make the player be a part of the “movie” which is very exciting. My son and I sat down on a Saturday morning and played through the game in one sitting.

The game is broken up into different episodes which contain many scenes. You are scored in each scene based on how well you match the button prompts. In certain parts of the game you can explore areas by moving the camera around and “search” the vicinity. Holding different buttons will allow you to examine areas or interact with objects.

One nice feature is that you can replay scenes to get a better score. Unfortunately, this is the only feature which would make a player replay Jurassic Park. There isn’t any multiplayer features or other game modes to make you want to come back. This is a huge negative. Most newer games have multiplayer features which Jurassic Park: The Game needs.

Jurassic Park: The Game also has a few technical issues that need to be fixed. Many times during the game, I’ve experienced FPS drops and glitches which is a big annoyance. It throws off the flow of the game.  Also, the graphics could have been a little better. At times, they game models seemed to low res for a modern game.

Jurassic Park: The Game

My biggest issue with Jurassic Park: The Game is its gameplay. Telltale has become very successful with games like Puzzle Agent and Hector. They have a similar gameplay with the player examining areas or doing button prompts to further the game. This works well with other titles and on mobile touch devices but not with a Jurassic Park game. You need to be running around in the environment evading dangerous dinos and trying to survive this “Jurassic” nightmare.

Jurassic Park wasn’t an amazing, ground-breaking game. But it wasn’t horrible either. The new storyline was very entertaining with good voice acting and sound effects. While the gameplay was an issue, I found it to be a fun game especially for younger gamers. The story is what makes this game.

Fans of Jurassic Park will love Jurassic Park: The Game with it’s all new storyline. Younger gamers who love dinosaurs will find the game easy for them to play with some cool dinos.