I have a word to pick with you

I have a word to pick with you


If you haven’t heard of Zynga then you must be Amish. Zynga is the publisher of some of the most successful Facebook games. Farmville, Frontierville and cityville are just a few of their monster hits. They have released a few of their Facebook games for the iPhone but haven’t had the success that they have had with Facebook.  Mafia Wars was one that was fun on Facebook but was horrible on the iPhone.

Will Words with Friends be the success they need on mobile device? In one five point word, YES.

Words with friends is a simple scrabble-like game which let you challenge and play your friends. Simply set up a new account and search for friends on Facebook, twitter or search for a screen name. Don’t have any friends? Words with friends will find someone for you to challenge.

If you have ever played scrabble, you will find this game  easy to play. You start with a jumble of letters and must place them on the board to spell a word. Each letter has a different value.  Just like scrabble, there are spots on the word which will double or tipple a letter or word. The player with the highest score wins. Easy enough.

What is so addictive about this game, is that you can have multiple games going with multiple people. I quickly found myself playing six of my friends, my wife and four of my coworkers one night.

You will receive a notification when it is your turn. On the main screen, you can see how many games are going, who’s turn it’s and how many games you have won. You know that a game will be a hit when you have an extremely stable social feature for a game which this game has.

Gameplay is smooth and addictive and very simple to play. It’s one of those games that is fun for the whole family. I’ve also found it to be a useful tool to help my four year old learn to spell words. Alex has become an expert at reading and spelling some common three and four letter words.

Now I really like this game but there a some things that could be improved. The game would be greatly improved if you could have multiple players in a game. Right now it’s just yourself and one friends. It would add more depth and excitement to the game if you had four players battling it out. I’ve also found a few correct words that will not be allowed. This is minor but can be annoying when you need those extra few points to win.

Another feature that is needed, is the ability to post your win or lose to Facebook and Twitter. It’s always nice to gloat over a win fir the whole world to see. This would also help to get more people to download and play Words with Friends.

Words with Friends is a great mobile game. You can play your friends no matter what device they have, its fun and addictive. I’m giving Words with Friends an 8 out of 10. Definitely pick this game up and have a few words with your friends.