Hotel Transylvania offers spooky fun for the Nintendo DS and 3DS

Hotel Transylvania offers spooky fun for the Nintendo DS and 3DS


Hotel Transylvania is a side-scrolling adventure game based off the hit movie from Sony Pictures Animation. Hotel Transylvania follows Count Dracula’s daughter Mavis who is celebrating her 118th birthday at her father’s five-stake resort. The game takes players on a spooky adventure through the hotel solving puzzles, doing “errands” for Dracula, and getting down in boss battles. Dracula’s fiends; Frankenstein, his wife, the Mummy, the Invisible Man and Werewolf play an integral role on your journey.

With all the first and third person games on the market, its refreshing to get an “old school-style” side-scroller to play. Hotel Transylvania is pretty simple to play which makes this an easy game to pick up and enjoy. Drac will send you on errands throughout the hotel. You must navigate your way around traps and enemies to complete each errand. Your moves are basically limited to running left and right and jumps which you use to get to higher platforms and to kill enemies.

While the gameplay is very simplified, Hotel Transylvania entertains the player with nice 2D graphics and characters and places from the movie. Your adventure tacks you from the lobby of the hotel to the spooky grounds surrounding it. Zombies and Knights make up most of the basic enemies found in each area which will remind you of key sections of the movie like disguised zombie scene in the fake town.

The 2D graphics also add to the success of this game. You don’t need super-detailed 3D models to make a great looking game. The animation is smooth with clean and vivid graphics which are key to making a good child-focused game. Its also a nice touch to use the same voices from the movie.

Hotel Transylvania is not meant for the hardcore gamer but for younger gamers. The simple controls and gameplay are perfect fit for this type of gamer. Allowing them to be challenged while still progressing through the game and enjoying it. Hotel Transylvania is also age appropriate with gameplay focused on problem solving and finding objects. With all the extremely violent games on the market, this is one game your child can play with out you worrying.

This is a must have for every family with children. Its a fun, yet simple game that is a perfect reflection of the movie. Smooth and vivid graphics, voice acting taken from the movie and fun challenge are all strong points of Hotel Transylvania.

Hotel Transylvania
Score: 7 out of 10 Not available
Our Take: Great looking kid-friendly game with simply controls and fun challenges. Though, this is not intended for older games.
Publisher: GameMill Entertinment
Available on: Nintendo DS & 3DS
Rated: E10+
Price: $29.99