Gears of War 3 first DLC pack is a disappointment

Gears of War 3 first DLC pack is a disappointment

Horde Command DLC pack | Gears of War 3
New playable characters, weapon skins, and upgrades are great additions.

Now I’m a huge Gears fan and purchased the season pass when I picked up Gears 3. I just had to get all the DLC packs and the season pass made sense. When the Horde pack was announced, I just couldn’t wait to download it. But after having it for a few weeks now, sadly, I’m a little disappointed.

Being the first DLC pack, I was expecting to be blown away with some new Gears awesomeness. Unfortunately, I wasn’t. The Horde pack comes with three new character skins which are great. I just love the new Dizzy skin and the elite COG just looks bad ***. The pack also came with two new weapon skins which are decent. What I was really looking forward to were more maps and upgrades.

It’s the Horde Command pack so this DLC is Horde specific which is great. I love Horde mode. There are new maps and fortification upgrades which are really cool. The upgrades work well and the maps are flawless. But my biggest issue is only being able to play these maps with others by hosting private matches. You can play them alone with bots but it just isn’t the same.

I’ve become a big fan of Gears multiplayer but my friends are usually never on when I have time to play. I usually play late at night after my family has gone to sleep. It’s daddy’s alone time. Like most fans, I’ll play matches with whomever is on at that time. I hardly ever host a private match which means I never get to fully experience the new maps and upgrades. Its tough to get the posse together at a set time to play. Ughhh! Wives, just let us play.

Now this isn’t EPIC’s fault. Its just my playing habits. But there are many gamers out there like myself and this pack just seems too small for the price. A few skins and a couple of maps that can only be played privately just isn’t enough for me. The Horde upgrades are probably the best part of the pack but if you don’t host private matches then you don’t get to use them.

If you’re a fan, you will most likely purchase the Horde pack. I don’t regret getting it. It just feels like you are getting too little for the price. On the bright side, the next DLC pack looks awesome with an all new campaign. It’s coming soon.