Fun in the sun at the old crab shack

Fun in the sun at the old crab shack

Coconut Dodge for iPad
Keep the beach ball bouncing for extra points.

With the success on Playstation Network, EA has released iOS versions of it’s hit title Coconut Dodge. Players are in control of a colorful crab and must dodge wave after wave of falling coconuts while trying to collect as many gold bricks as they can. Slide and dodge past the coconuts but watch out, you don’t want to crack your shell.

Coconut Dodge is a colorful arcade-style game were you must maneuver your crab through falling coconuts. Simply tap the left and right arrows in the bottom left of the screen to move your crab back and forth. Hold the turbo button to speed up your crab to get out of a sticky situation. Double tap the turbo button to dodge even faster. The controls are simple enough but the placement of the left and right arrows so close together can cause problems while playing. I would like to see the arrows placed one in each corner so I can utilize both hands. This would also correct issues with accidentally hitting the wrong arrow with your thumb.

The gameplay stays relatively the same as you progress, dodging falling coconuts and collecting gold blocks, jewels and treasures. As you progress further in the game though, mazes constructed of these falling coconuts will present a new challenge to the player which breaks up the monotony of the game. I also found that the addition of beach balls and the Viking helmet a nice touch. Keeping the beach ball bouncing a set number of times will give a nice bonus to your score and the Viking helmet will give you invincibility for a short time.

Coconut Dodge for iPad
The viking helmet will give you invincibility for a short time.

The graphics, music and audio effects were perfect for this game. The graphics were bright with smooth animations. I really enjoyed the background music which had that cartoony Caribbean feel. Perfect style for young gamers.

This is a good casual game but lacks a real challenge for skilled gamers. I found myself getting bored quickly with this one. Coconut Dodge also lacked any real multiplayer features and no Game Center integration. You are able to share your score with Facebook but that is it for any high score recording. I’d like to see Game Center features added with, at the very least, a record of my past scores.

While this may be a middle of the road game for older gamers, younger ones will love it. It’s the perfect styled game for my five year old with a simple enough gameplay for him. My son always loves to play with my mobile devices and this is one game that I can let him play. At only 99¢, it’s a great price for an OK game.