Fruit Ninja kills on KINECT

Fruit Ninja kills on KINECT

Fruit Ninja Kinect
Swing your arms to slice and dice fruit.

The fruit-slicing phenomena that blew up on iOS has now smashed it’s way onto your XBOX. Fruit Ninja is now available on XBOX Live with arm-swinging action for KINECT.

Rest those tired fingers, fire up the KINECT, and get your slice on.

If your a fan of Fruit Ninja for iOS, than you know all about this game. You must slice and dice wave after of wave fruit, racking up those points.  With Fruit Ninja now on KINECT, your arms are like katanas. Just swing your arms around to slice the endless waves of fruit.

KINECT works very well with this title. Unlike some games, your movements are picked up by the sensors with no lag and are very precise. There are sections of the game were your must slice as fast as you can which the KINECT easily picks them up. Multiplayer or switching players on the fly isn’t an issue either. Fruit Ninja is one of the best KINECT game.

Now Fruit Ninja’s gameplay may seem a little simple at first glance. You must slice fruit with your arms. But there is more depth to this one. Three game modes (Classic, Zen and Arcade) are available which offer many more challenges to the player. Some modes throw bombs at you which, if sliced, blow up destroying any fruit that you could slice and remove points. Other modes introduce “power-up” fruits which slows time down, doubles points or gives players a frenzy of fruit.

Fruit Ninja Kinect: Multiplayer
Multiplayer feature pits you against a friends in fruit smashing gameplay.

The multiplayer feature is one of my favorite game modes. You can play together or against a friend. The KINECT sensor can easily detect each player and differentiate between them. You also are not limited to your side of the play zone and can venture over the “line”. My son loves playing along with me and Fruit Ninja has become the “family game” of choice. XBOX Live leaderboards also allows you to see how you are doing compared to your friends.

There are also many unlock-ables which allow you to customize Fruit Ninja to your taste. You can unlock new backgrounds and blades which will give this game a whole new feel.

Finally onto graphics which are awesome. With the gameplay being simple and only a small cast of objects, the graphics can be that much better. From background to dicing animation, Fruit Ninja is just so polished. I was very impressed. The iOS version looked good but this is so much better. One graphical aspect which jumped out at me was your avatar. You are not stuck with an ugly see-through avatar but a sleek shadow which is rendered on the background. This greatly improves the ability to see the action.

Now there isn’t much negative to say about Fruit Ninja. It’s a solid KINECT game with great graphics and addictive gameplay. I’d like to see more achievements or maybe an avatar accessory. Fruit Ninja is a perfect family game and a must have.