Dots Ball is a huge leap above the rest

Dots Ball is a huge leap above the rest


Dots Ball - Main

What goes up, must come down. Well in Dots Ball it all depends on how high you can actually climb, er, bounce. Gravity is not your friend in this fun and stylish new game from EgoZoo for your iOS device. Dots Ball will feel very familiar to many people since it’s based on a more common type of game where you tilt your device back and forth trying to bounce your ball off square dots trying to reach your highest level possible. It’s easy, it’s fun and it’s addictive.

EgoZoo did a wonderful thing. They took a fun based game and gave it some pizzazz and when I say pizzazz I mean they gave it a polished look and some great additions to make this soar above the rest of the pack. The first thing you’ll notice is the beautiful and clean cartoon style graphics which alone draws you to the game. It’s pretty and has a great style that really makes the game pop.

As I said before, chances are, the game play is nothing new that you haven’t seen before but what is different is the way Dots Ball is executed. You play as a ball wearing oversized glasses that has to bounce his way up screen, courtesy of your tilting motions, off of multi colored dots scattered across the screen. Sounds easy? Well my friend you’ll just have to try it for yourself because EgoZoo threw in some nifty little tricks to aid and hurt you all while trying to make your way to the top.

As you bounce off a dot, each one has it’s own abilities that it will use towards you which could be a good thing or a bad thing. One moment your rocketing straight up courtesy of a super bounce or next you’re greeted with an evil rocket sending you hurdling down to your doom. The common dots will simply bounce you in the air as you make your way to the next, so on and so forth. The more you tilt your iOS device the higher your nerdy looking ball will go. You can also shake your screen as you bounce for a mega jump but I warn you it’s much more difficult than it sounds. Many times I have attempted a mega jump only to shake myself right off the screen.

Another very important fact is health. Yes you have a health bar and you need to make sure it stays full which is achieved by bouncing off white energy dots. Bounce off a white dot, fill your energy and continue your climb. Beware! If you run out of energy your nerdy little friend shrinks down to the size of a tiny super ball making it extremely difficult to land on anything. If this happens, find an energy dot fast because you will not last very long.

There is a story to the game. Apparently, the dot world has not been heard of in quite a while so after investigation they discover that the world is being over taken by evil dots. These dots wear sunglasses in the game so watch out! They are out collecting crystals to create a super weapon that will destroy both worlds and you are the only one who can stop them. Obviously, it’s a cute little back story but really doesn’t do much for the game. The reason you’re going to keep coming back to Dots Balls is the pure fun and quickness of a single game. Of course a game lasts as long as your skill level but in the end, once you miss a dot and fall to your doom your ready to give it another shot and ascend up the path to victory.