Conquering China can be such a bore

Conquering China can be such a bore


“Dynasty Warrior 7” is the latest release in this 14–year–old franchise. Released by Tecmo Koei, “Dynasty Warrior 7” lets you control some of China’s most deadliest of warriors. You must command your highly trained army to defeat your enemies and reunite ancient China.

You have two game modes to choose from – story mode and conquest – which helps to flesh out this game. Story mode allows you to play through four different kingdoms each with four lengthy sagas. One aspect of this game that you can’t deny, is its huge amount of content. Each saga is full of hordes of enemies, mini bosses, unlockable weapons and content. You are also presented with a wealth of historic knowledge. There are also two different weapons which can be used during gameplay which is a nice feature. You will need to spend a lot of time to experience everything in this mode.

Conquest mode plays like story mode except you must battle your way across a grid-like map. You will be spending hours entrenched in small battles, fighting the same enemy, until you have conquered the map and united the region.

“Dynasty Warrior 7” feels like an exact copy of previous versions of this title. I’ve played a few previous versions which is what kept popping into my head as I play this game. You are presented with a plethora of content which is a big plus for this game but, again, this is almost identical to previous versions.

And for those gamers who have never picked up a “Dynasty Warrior” title, you will get bored quickly too. Whether you are at the beginning of story mode or near competition of conquest mode, the gameplay and battles remain the same. You are presented with what seems like the same waves of pathetic enemies to slaughter. Every so often, a mini boss will try to entertain you with wimpy, predictable attacks. You would think slaughtering thousands of enemies would be entertaining but it’s not.

And there isn’t even any blood.

I was also annoyed with the endless talking and explanation before each saga. The loading times seemed like an eternity with some of the most flat and boring voice work I have ever heard in a game. I shouldn’t be put to sleep while waiting for a level to load. It would also be nice to have an interesting storyline and characters. This is ancient China with ruthless warlords and powerful heroes. Inspire me, please.

Finally one last issue was the map system. At times it is difficult to see your location on the map and what direction you are facing. This is especially apparent when surrounded by your army. It can also be difficult to see your next objective. On a few occasions I found myself asking out load were to go next.

The graphics and moves were a silver lining. I thought the graphics were nicely done. They could have been better but it played smoothly. I really like the amount of moves, attacks and combos that you could perform. You are also able to equip two different weapons and can quickly switch between them. There are also a large number of weapons which can be enhanced with special scrolls which allows you to customize your character.

The first 30 minutes was entertaining. I enjoyed battling huge armies and performing cool attacks and combos. But this game quickly died for me. With it’s flat gameplay and poorly executed storyline, I quickly got bored with this one. Sticking with the same gaming conventions is a good idea when creating a sequel if it’s a successful one which this isn’t.