Child of Eden: KINECT done right

Child of Eden: KINECT done right


Child of Eden
Lock-on to up to 8 virus to get a score bonus.

With the developers of the KINECT promising total immersion, game developers haven’t completely delivered. Can Ubisoft’s recently released title give gamers that experience?

Yes. Yes. Yes.

It’s the 23rd century. Man is now home among the stars. All of humanity is connected through the “new” internet, Eden. They can access data on the evolution of our planet to the memories and emotions of the first space-born human, Lumi. Scientists have even been able to bring Lumi back in this new digital universe. But all is not good. Computer viruses are threatening to destroy it all including Lumi.

“Save Eden. Save Lumi.”

From the start, gamers have a big decision to make, traditional controls or KINECT. Please, go with KINECT. You are presented with the best control system to date. Ubisoft has gotten this right. The KINECT system is very responsive with smooth super in-sync controls. There is no lag between your movements and the game’s. It also accurately recognizes all of your gestures.

Simply a joy to play.

The story felt a little weak and short for me though. Clean each of the five archives to save Eden and Lumi. Depending on your skill level, the five stages don’t last long, making this a 90-120 minute game. But it is a fast-paced, intense game which helps. You must cleanse the destructive viruses by shooting either lock-on lasers or tracers. Simple enough. The simple gameplay helped to make this fast-paced rhythmic game play well.

Simply wave your hand to lock on to your enemies and push forward with your right hand to shoot. With the lock-on laser, you can lock-on to up to eight enemies which will increase your score. Switch your weapon to the tracer by bringing your hands together, like a clap. Tracer is a rapid fire weapon which will help when swarms of viruses attack. You are also able to active Euphoria, when it’s available, by raising both of your hands. This devastating energy burst will kill all enemies on screen.

Child of Eden
Viruses in archive 2 have the look of Earth's oceanic creatures.

The enemies remind me of something that you would see in the deepest depths of our oceans. They are these transparent, glowing creature which are quite beautiful. They also move like sea creatures and follow the rhythmic patterns of the games audio environment. You will find that certain colored enemies can be destroyed more easily with a certain weapon. Purple enemies tend to die more quickly with the tracer and blue enemies with the lock-on laser. Each stage will end with a large battle which includes some huge beast.

Besides sporting the best KINECT control system, Child of Eden looks and sounds amazing! You are immersed in a beautiful and colorful digital world. This is a rails style game, so you are limited to the “track”. But you can look around in all directions by moving your arm left or right. The game is short but intense which removes that ridged feeling of a rails game. There is so much depth to the environment. The focus is on the enemies but they are perfectly incorporated into layer after layer of beautiful environmental pieces.

The audio landscape also played a huge factor of Child of Eden. Besides sounding amazing and setting the mood, it plays an integral part of the performance of the game. Destroying locked on enemies to the beat of the audio will give a boost to your score. You will find yourself destroying enemies and moving your hands and body to the beat of the music. It’s more like conducting and orchestra than playing a game.

Child of Eden is an amazing game. And as a KINECT game, the best so far. But there are some flat notes to this score. A big issue for me was the shortness of the game. The five stages were fun and intense but went by to quick. I found that I was finished with in a coupe of hours. I replayed all the achieves trying to beat my previous score which help the replayabilty of this game but not much. I would have like to see a co-op section to the game. This would be a great game to play with a friend either online or side-by-side.
Child of Eden

I would also like there to be more power-ups or different abilities. Limited to two weapons and one power-up, euphoria, makes this aspect of the game flat. Its too easy to just keep blasting away with no new weapons, ammo or abilities. Adding more rewards and/or consequences to the game would have giving more depth making Child of Eden an even better game.

Child of Eden is an amazing game with great graphics, amazing KINECT control system and intense gameplay. If you have a KINECT system, than this is a must game to own. It’s simple gameplay will allow younger games to enjoy something that us older pros will totally do.