Can you find Mr. X?

Can you find Mr. X?

Scotland Yard
Use different modes of transportation to track down Mr. X.

Scotland Yard is a crime solving strategy game for Nintendo DS. Players must either track down Mr. X or evade the detectives by taxi, bus, underground train or by helicopter. Get your tickets ready and start the chase.

There are three modes in Scotland Yard; Campaign Mode, Quick Game and Multiplayer. They all offer the same round-based gameplay were the individual detectives take their turn after Mr. X’s initial move. Each turn is a journey by one of the above modes of transportation between two stops along a colored route. You must use a corresponding ticket to move between the stops but your tickets are limited so plan accordingly. You win (playing as detectives) by boxing Mr. X in or landing on the spot he is hiding in. If playing as Mr. X, remain undiscovered by the end of the game to win.

Confused yet?

This game can be a little confusing to play at first and there isn’t an in-game tutorial. If you don’t have the instruction manual handy, you will find this game confusing and frustrating. Reading the instruction manual definitely helps but many gamers never read them. Adding instruction in-game would be a huge help for newbies to this title. But once you get use to the gameplay, its quite challenging and is a much better game to other titles from this franchise.

Again, Mentor Interactive failed in the graphics department. The graphics and audio is very basic and, as I like to describe it, NES-like with 8-bit graphics. This game could have shined with more detailed graphics. Though, I found myself being caught up in the campaign mode trying to find Mr. X and bringing him to justice.

Scotland Yard is rated E so any age group can play this but younger gamers my find this title to be a little too advanced for them. The challenging gameplay and poor instructions can be very frustrating for younger gamers. I really like Mentor Interactive’s concept on “creative thinking” games. Games can be a great way to help children learn and train their minds. So I wish this game was a little easier for younger gamers.