Bloody hell, Hector comes to an end

Bloody hell, Hector comes to an end

Hector: Badge of Carnage - Episode 3: Beyond Reasonable Doom
Crude, British humor makes the Hector series stand out from other games.

With the final episode of Badge of Carnage here, Straandlooper has brought their A-game to finish it’s highly successful series. Hector is back and must stop a cunning terrorist from unleashing biological weapons on the attendees of “Clapfest”. Guide Hector and his dim-witted partner Lambert through weird and twisted puzzles to stop Barnsley.

If your unfamiliar with the Hector series, the story unfolds in Clappers Wreake, a quaint little town in… Its the crime capital of England. And Detective Inspector Hector is a fat arced, drunk, vulgar man with a taste for the seedy parts of life. Episode 3 starts right as Episode 2 ended with Hector and Lambert walking up in a septic tank. Barnsley has trapped our heros in a gross Saw-like death trap which they must escape. This first scene starts as a short tutorial to get new players up to speed on Hector’s gameplay. Tap anything in the scene to inspect it, double tap an object to pick it up, and tap one object then another to combined them. Tapping a spot in the scene will make Hector to move to that position though moving can be a bit buggy at times. The controls are pretty simple but the puzzles will definitely challenger the player.

Hector: Badge of Carnage is a puzzler. It may not look, feel or sound like a puzzler but it is. You must solve many small puzzles in order to solve larger ones to progress through the game. The puzzles can be very challenging but can be so obscure that the player will have trouble figuring out what to do next. The is a hint system in place to the player but it isn’t very good. Hints are written with witty British humor which is fun but many hints are not very helpful. The hint system needs some work. A big plus with Episode 3 is that the game is pretty straight forward. Unlike the previous 2 episodes, there is a clear mission for Hector. Stop the terrorist and save Clappers Wreake.

Hector: Badge of Carnage - Episode 3: Beyond Reasonable Doom
Hector must solve many small puzzles in order to solve larger ones.

Beyond Reasonable Doom presents players with some amazing 2D graphics. The style has a very cool and gritty style which looks amazing on both the iPhone and iPad. The graphics are very crisp with smooth, fluid movements. Each scene is very detailed with tons of depth. And the audio experience is perfect. From audio effects to background music, the mood is set and draws the player in.

But what makes the Hector series a hit, is its dark humor and story. First the voice acting and British humor is hilarious. I just love the dark, crude humor of this game. Its definitely different from other games. And the voice acting is spot one. In a word perfect. The characters and their crude banter is the secret sauce to drawing the player into this dirty world. The story is also very unique with colorful supporting characters and completely odd locations. You won’t get bored with this story.

Beyond Reasonable Doom isn’t a perfect game but its unique and fun. The some what flawed puzzle system and shortness of the game were the major issues of the game. These flaws didn’t ruin the game. The amazing story and British humor will completely entertain everyone. While the puzzle system isn’t perfect, the puzzles are still challenging and fun. If you’re a fan of this series then this is a must have game. A great ending to an amazing series.