Battlefield Bad Company 2 blasts onto iOS devices

Battlefield Bad Company 2 blasts onto iOS devices

Battlefield Bad Company 2 for iOS
Intuitive touch controls make both the iPhone & iPad version a great game.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a first-person shooter released by EA for iOS devices. Part of the highly successful Battlefield series, players get hands on with Preston Marlowe and battle their way through 14 missions across 5 battle zones. So lock and load, it’s time to kick some butt.

Once the app loads, players can choose between campaign mode and multiplayer. Campaign mode throws players into a 14 mission fire fight with a mix a fps and vehicle gameplay. The first mission allows the players to get accustom to the controls which is spot-on. On the bottom left of the screen, players can control the character with a D-pad and tap the crosshairs button to us the gun’s sight to zoom in. The bottom right side of the screen offers players a bunch of action buttons. You can switch between different weapons by swiping the weapon icon, tap the fire button to fire. If your weapon has a secondary mode, like a grenade launcher, you can tap the top icon to switch to that mode You can throw grenades by touching the grenade icon. Finally, you can tap the right bottom button to stand or squat when needed. You have so many action buttons but with great screen placement which definitely gives that console feel.

You spend most of the game following your partner though the different environments completing objectives as you receive them over the radio. Most of the objectives are pretty straight forward. I never got lost while trying to complete an objective. What was nice is that at different stages of the game you are able to pilot different land vehicles which added depth the traditional FPS style. I really enjoy driving an a mored vehicle down a dirt road tearing apart ground troops as I passed. Really great addition which makes you feel like you are playing the XBOX version.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 - Vehicles
Players can pilot different vehicles at key spots of the game.

Most of the game ran smooth except for a few occasions were the camera would get errors while in certain areas of the game. This isn’t usually and is commonly found in console games I found that, while the gameplay was smooth for the most part, the graphics were a little to low res for my taste, especially with the iPad version. There are other console-based mobile games with far better graphics. With that being said, you are able to move around in the environment and not stuck on a rail like some games.


Multiplayer makes the game

BBC2 is a good game but is greatly improved with the multiplayer mode. Multiplayer allows you to battle players on local wi-fi or other players online. This is a great feature which is were I have spent many hours. Matches load quickly with pretty smooth movements and gameplay. You may experience some lag depending on your wi-fi connection and not do to the game itself. You are able to change your appearance and weapons load out which is a great feature.

One last feature which was a nice addition was the achievements section of the game. Unlike most games which have gone with Apple’s Game Center, BBC2 has a XBOX Live or PSN style achievements section. Definitely gives that console feel.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a sold mobile game. The graphics may not be as good as other games but the touch controls are intuitive with smooth gameplay. I would also like to see more game objects to decorate each level and interactive with but this is a sold game.

Fans and newcomers alike will find this a great addition to the iOS app collection.