Asura’s Wrath teach gamers how not to express their rage

Asura’s Wrath teach gamers how not to express their rage


Asuras Wrath - XBox 360

Asura’s Wrath is a Japanese anime-style action game set in a fictional world were gods and mortals battle for the safety of heaven and earth. Players get to unleash their rage and battle demons and godly warriors in action-pack button pounding battles set in some amazing environments. Forget what your therapist told you and unleash your devastating rage.

You play as Asura, one of the Eight Guardian Generals, who must protect the Earth from a destructive force known as the Gohma. The game is  made up of a series of battles broken up by acted scenes to tell the story. The first battle finds Asura fighting the Gohma in space and places the player in an intense battle. This gives you the feel for the controls, how the battles are structured and sets the story.

In battles, Players are able to do different strengths of attacks. Attacking enemies fills up a meter which allows you to perform even stronger attacks. You are also able to lock on to your opponent which helps to focus in and follow each enemy in the battle. To finish offer boss battles as well as key points in the game, players are prompted with timed button actions which, if done at the right moment, improves your rank for that battle.

Asuras Wrath - XBox 360

While the fighting is fun and the gameplay easy, the battles feel confined and flat. You are limited to an “arena-like” environment to fight a bunch of enemies in. It’s like fighting in a big empty ring with some opponents. I would have loved to been able to explore a level, even if it was limited, to fight enemies.

Battles can also feel redundant. There is usually a bunch of weaker opponents with a few stronger ones sprinkled in. After defeating them all, the battle can end or a “mini boss” will appear. The actions of your opponents are also very predictable with little variation. It will only take a few minutes to learn their attacks and movements.

A huge plus to Asura’s Wrath is its graphical style and anime storyline. I’ve always been a huge anime fan and just loved the story. The sounds, voice acting, and amazing anime-inspired shaders does wonders for this game. It’s like watching a cool Manga series. The whole game has smooth animation with vibrant graphics. I was expecting to see some jerkiness or lag while in some fast paced battles but it all worked great.

Asuras Wrath - XBox 360

Being a great anime-inspired game is a plus it is also a hindrance to the pacing if this game. Extremely long cut scenes completely kill the fast pace action of the game. Battles last only about a few minutes but the cut scenes in between last forever. Also, there are 2 to 3 save screens and confirm screens in between every new scene. It completely ruined the flow for me. You have the option of skipping the scenes but that defeats the purpose of learning the story.

I did like the ability to replay sections of the game to improve my ranking. You get ranked on your battles; speed of battle, precision timed button executions to name a few. Ranking unlocks new skins and media as well as achievements. You  an even unlock a secret ending to full complete Asura’s Wrath. This is a nice feature to make you keep playing. And once you have played through the game, you can skip through all those cut scenes.

In all, Asura’s Wrath is a fun game to play. Fans of anime will particularly find the style of the game to be a plus. While battles can seem flat and repetitive, it is entertaining to destroy huge waves of enemies. Asura’s Wrath is a great alternative to some of the more mature games for your gamers.