“Ways to Die” under way for upcoming 3rd person shooter God Mode

God Mode

God Mode

ATLUS and Old School Games are running the “Ways to Die” contest for the upcoming 3rd person shooter God Mode.

So what is this contest?

When you play God Mode you’re already dead, and a mocking Spirit Guide shares the unfortunate circumstances by which you met this tragic end. So, ATLUS and Old School Games have been reaching out to fans to provide more amusing ways for your character to meet his fate.

Visit the contest page and share your way to die. Submissions that make the Old School Games team laugh or cringe more than others will be selected and recorded by the hilariously annoying Spirit Guide for inclusion in the game. Additionally, participants who provide selected entries will get a game credit in the “Special Thanks” category.

The “Ways to Die” contest ends at 11:59pm PT this Friday, January 11 so get in there and get your submissions entered. Winners will be noted on the contest page on January 15.


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