Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary now available on iTunes

Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary now available on iTunes


DeNA and Runaway today have released Flutter™: Butterfly Sanctuary, a mobile game that takes players deep into a realistic rainforest environment to raise and collect butterflies from all over the world, to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary is featured on DeNA’s Mobage™ social games platform.

In Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary, the player cares for their own slice of beautiful, fragile rainforest as they raise butterflies through their fascinating, colorful life cycle. Players can collect endless varieties of brilliantly colored flora and fauna to attract new butterfly species into the forest and complete butterfly sets from all around the world. From chrysalis to caterpillar to butterfly, players foster these delicate creatures with pollen and help the rainforest thrive.

Screenshots - 2In creating Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary, the Runaway team spent days in the hot-house of their local museum’s Tropical Forest to capture the authenticity of the butterflies and to ensure the underlying science of the butterflies’ life cycle was correct. The resulting original graphical style recreates the reality of rainforest flora and fauna previously unseen in the gaming world. Additionally, the sound effects and audio in the game immerses players into a real-life lush rainforest ambience for an even deeper experience.

“It’s our mission to create great games inspired by nature,” said Tim Nixon, director at Runaway. “This area of focus gives us a huge world of wonder to draw upon for characters and stories, while still being able to craft a unique style and feel to our games. Flutter is our best work to date and it finds a wonderful balance between factual authenticity and the magic of gameplay.”

Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary is available for free from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or at: http://moba.ge/fluttermobile


  • Stunning Environment Visuals – Expand your own section of lush rainforest, filling it with life, light, and color
  • Collect Them All – Attract butterflies from all around the world and add them to your ever-expanding “Flutterpedia”. Each species has a unique fact sheet on their characteristics and natural history
  • It’s Alive! – Watch your environment thrive and come to life as your new little friends flutter around and interact with each other
  • Play with Nature – Use gestures to interact with your creatures, drop leaves into caterpillars’ mouths, crack open chrysalises, and guide your butterflies around their growing environment
  • Level Up – Use pollen power ups and fusion to evolve each species into their most valuable form.