Birdees App helps parents talk to their children about the ‘Birds &...

Birdees App helps parents talk to their children about the ‘Birds & the Bees’



Birdees makes it easy to answer kid’s tough questions on the birds and the bees.
Birdees makes it easy to answer kid’s tough questions on the birds and the bees.
GoTo Educational Technology Inc. today launched Birdees, the first interactive sexual education App for parents, teachers, and children — now available on the App Store for iPad and iPad mini on the App Store. Created by health professionals and researchers, Birdees helps parents teach their children what they need to know about sexual health, when they need to know it, all in a fun and interactive way.

Created by Vancouver-based GoTo Educational Technology Inc., a developer of interactive educational tools and resources to support and promote health, respect and safety for both children and parents, Birdees makes it easy to answer kid’s tough questions on the birds and the bees.

Virtual Sexual Health Professional – Modules Now Available for Ages 2-8 (Ages 9-15+ Coming Soon)

Whether your child is asking you a question you thought they were too young to ask, like: “How are babies made?” Or if you’re wondering what’s appropriate to teach at what age or how to protect your child from predators, Birdees guides you in what to say and how to say it. Age specific, with two modules for children ages 2-5 and 6-8 (with ages 9-12 and 13-15+ coming soon), the App’s interface is split into separate parts, one for parents and another for kids. Parents have access to everything (Content, iBody and iTools) and children can only access the interactive iBody and iTools. The App guides you through how to communicate with your child on important topics, such as body boundaries, behaviors, and dangers through the use of an easy interface. In addition, the app also provides direct access to sex educators for parents to ask any additional questions. Also supporting the learning is fun dynamic visuals and touch points for kids to learn.


“We’ve collaborated with some of the best sex educators in the field to ensure the content is accurate, up to date and as comprehensive as possible. We’ve left no stone unturned!” stated GoTo Educational Technology Co-founder Mary Roka. “Knowledge is protection. Sexuality is a topic best started young in bite size pieces, so parents can instill their values through teaching and establishing themselves as approachable. When the tough conversations happen later in life, the trust, respect and communication have already been established.” Jennifer Weidemann Co-Founder, GoTo Educational Technology added, “Sex education can be intimidating for parents, even something they avoid for fear they would get it wrong. Our goal was to give them a resource that was light, fun and informative, where both the parent and child could learn in a stress free environment.”

Protecting Your Child – Did you Know?:

  • Well informed children that have open communication with their parents are more protected from sexual abuse because they are more likely to report such behavior.
  • Predators avoid children with body awareness and confidence. Something as simple as teaching your child the proper body parts can offer protection.
  • It’s easier to teach children when they are younger. These conversations don’t get easier with time, they get harder.

“Birdees is a life saver for parents and a gift to children. It’s fun, light-hearted, and provides information critical to making smart sexual health decisions that last a lifetime,” said Saleema Noon B.A. M.A. Sexual Health Expert, Vancouver, B.C.

Birdees Features:

  • iBody – information on body parts (available to parents and kids).
  • iTools – information on behavior, communication, and safety (available to parents and kids).
  • Content – available to parents only.
  • Age specific: modules for 2-5, 6-8 (9-12, 13-15+ coming soon)
  • Intuitive and easy to use interactive teaching tools for a guided learning experience.
  • Fun, child-friendly design – kids can create their own bird avatar.
  • “Beetriz the Bee” provides parents with direct access to sex educators to ask any additional questions.
  • “Archie the help bird” provides helpful facts and “Whiskers the cat” provides safety facts.
  • Linear bar tracks progress.
  • Push notifications are sent for key child and family events: birthdays, crucial talks, reminders, follow ups, completing sections, adding users, back to school, Christmas, family events (mother’s day, father’s day, etc.).
  • Awards and achievements are displayed.
  • Available for iPad & iPad mini (coming soon for iPhone).


The basic Birdees App is available immediately for free worldwide download with in-App Module purchases, through the App Store. At a lower cost than a book, the Birdees modules are priced at $4.99 each and currently include the Chickadee Module (ages 2-5) and Pipit Module (ages 6-8), or $8.99 for both age groups. Additional modules will be available soon. For more information, see the website at: An e-book for each age group will also be available soon at: