Will we see online gaming with Google+

Will we see online gaming with Google+


Screenshot of a Google+ profile.

Google has recently released it’s answer to the social media giant Facebook with it’s own social platform Google+. Similar to Facebook, Google+ allows you to share your thoughts, photos and videos with friends and other personal connections but in a clean, streamlined interface. Features are limited now with more options becoming available with the full release. So the big question is will there be gaming?

Most definitely.

There is no doubt that once Google+ is fully released to the masses, online gaming apps will follow. Gaming has been a huge success on Facebook making companies like Zynga millions of dollars with millions of fans. Google+ is a brand new universe for the gaming industry to flourish in. So it’s logical to assume that the gaming industry will follow the gravy train. But how will gaming be implemented in this new world?

I have only been a Google+ user for a couple days but have fallen in love with it. There are so many things that are far superior than the rest of the competition but the simple clean design is what really wowed me. Will the endless game requests and updates ruin this clean environment? Do I have to receive the endless friend requests of people I don’t know because they want to better their game. I hope Google has learned from the competition’s mistakes and organize the gaming experience.

I could see grouping games into it’s own section which would allow for game updates and posts to be kept separate. You could group your gaming friends into their own circle so these “friends” won’t be mixed in with real friends or see your personal pics and posts. Being able to better manage games and apps would be a welcomed featured.

With Google+ being completely incorporated with all of Google’s products, could we see some of the popular chrome games supported? Would they be flash or JavaScript and HTML5? There are many questions that can be asked but we will have to wait and see what comes with the full release. We probably won’t see games added until business accounts are released. So, I guess I’ll keep playing with this new platform.

If you have your own thoughts on how the gaming features could be implemented or just your experiences with Google+, please post them in the comments section below.