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Open houses planned around East Bay

Open houses planned around East Bay

Whether you’re looking to sell your home, buy a new home or just see what’s out there, open houses are a great place to start. The following open houses are scheduled around the East Bay this weekend: Barrington 189 Narragansett Ave. — Sunday, Dec. 14, 12-1:30 p.m. Colonial, 3, 2.5, $429,000. Residential Properties, Barbara Stamp,

Tiverton shooting range licensed

TIVERTON — The Tiverton Town Council voted 4-3 Monday night at its regular meeting to grant a license to Randy Lebeau to build and operate a retail gun store and shooting range on Main Road at Haskins Avenue in Tiverton. Voting in favor were Councilors Sousa, Mello, Lambert, and Chabot. Voting against were Councilors Perry

In close vote, Tiverton council approves planner

TIVERTON — It may have been a nudge from the town administrator that got things going Monday night, but the Town Council, by a vote of 4-3, voted to approve the hiring of a town planner. “What I really want is closure,” Town Administrator Matt Wojcik told the council, before an extended wrangle among council

Ruling: no texting by officials during council, board meetings

TIVERTON — Town councilors, zoning board members, and others who are members of municipal boards and commissions cannot text during meetings of the public bodies on which they serve. That’s a ruling by Tiverton’s Town Solicitor Andrew Teitz in a memorandum issued Dec. 4 to the Tiverton Town Council. Citing the Rhode Island Open Meetings

1 Benjamin Tripp Road, Westport, Mass.

Off the Market: Homes sold around East Bay

The following homes have changed hands recently around the East Bay: Barrington 10 Manning Drive — $283,500 East Providence 72 Boyd Ave. — $600,000 2720 Pawtucket Ave. — $144,000 32-34 Woodward Ave. — $90,000 35 Boyden Blvd. — $145,000 138 Ivy St. — $147,000 29 Planet Ave. — $240,000 53 Temple Drive — $185,000 94

Letter: RhodeMap RI plan raises real concerns

To the editor: In a recently published opinion piece in defense of the RhodeMap RI plan that has come increasingly under attack, Neil Steinberg of the Rhode Island Foundation and Marcel Valois of Commerce RI said that “for over a decade, Rhode Islanders have called for an economic development vision, plan and most importantly action.”