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Photos and video: Beluga whales spotted in Warren River

Photos and video: Beluga whales spotted in Warren River

A few lucky boaters in Warren got an exceedingly rare treat Wednesday — a close-up encounter with three beluga whales. The three whales, which are native to the Arctic Ocean and are almost never seen this far south, were spotted just before noon in the Warren River channel halfway between Warren and Barrington. Capt. Jason

The case for sewers in Tiverton

By Leroy E. Kendricks Board chairman, Tiverton Wastewater Management Commission Wastewater management is one of the most critical regional concerns affecting Tiverton. Groundwater from non-compliant and failing septic systems and cesspools carries bacteria and excessive amounts of phosphorous and nitrogen into our coastal waters, ruining the ecology of our bay, and threatening the beauty, health

Lewis Dow Mutty, 84, Tiverton

Lewis Dow Mutty, 84, of Tiverton, died on Saturday, May 9, 2015.  He was the husband of J. Wilhelmina (Knippel) Mutty.  Born in Melrose, Mass., he was the son of late Phyllis (Dow) and John Mutty. He had served in the US Navy during the Korean Era.  He had also worked as an engineer at

Budget #2 gives residents choice — and full-day K

To the editor: I am responding to two letters-to-the-editor done recently; one by two Budget Committee members and one done by two School Committee members. Addressing the Budget Committee members statements:  Firstly, I am a lifelong resident of Tiverton and a Budget Committee member.  I disagree that “outsiders” and “resident haters” are behind the electors petition