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Ella Lee Benevides is held in the arms of Andrea Maisano for her first Fourth of July parade, accompanied by, from left, Briana Francis, Carina Francis and Ashley Benevides.

Bristol, again, exemplifies patriotic spirit

Bristol, again, exemplifies patriotic spirit

When the sentiment of an entire country converges with the heart and spirit of a small American town, the end result is the Fourth of July in Bristol, Rhode Island. For the locals, there are two options – embrace the 100,000 or so guests that are about to park on your street, walk on your

FC2 Raquel Josserand shows a group of visitors around the bridge of the USS Tortuga on Friday, July 3. Photos by Rich Dionne

Hospitable U.S.S. Tortuga a fun time for all

BRISTOL—Boarding the U.S.S. Tortuga was a child’s dream. Visitors got to crawl through humvees, hold weapons and interact with naval personnel and marines as they made their way through the naval LSD-46 Whidbey Island-class dock landing ship. Marines hosted a martial arts demonstration inside the ship’s hangar and naval officers gave tours through the cargo bay,

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