Workshop to teach owl nest box building

Screech owl nest box. (Audubon Society photo)Screech owl nest box. (Audubon Society photo)

Screech owl nest box. (Audubon Society photo)

Screech owl nest box. (Audubon Society photo)

The Trustees of Reservations will lead a workshop on Saturday, Feb. 15, at 1 p.m.  to show how to build nest boxes for Eastern Screech Owls. The workshop will take place at the Watuppa Reservation Headquarters at 2929 Blossom Road in Fall River.

The Eastern Screech Owl is common wherever trees are found and is most often identified by its trilling or whinnying call. These owls readily use nest boxes and attracting them to the area helps to control mice, voles, and other rodents that can damage gardens. Their haunting nighttime calls are a reminder of the often unseen wildlife that is all around us.

Volunteers can build a nest box for these nocturnal neighbors and take it home for themselves or leave it behind for The Trustees to use on one of their South Coast properties. Building the nest boxes is free but taking one home costs $5 for Trustees members and $15 for nonmembers.

All box materials and hardware are provided but it’s helpful for volunteers to bring an extra hammer. To register call 508 636-4693 ext. 103 or visit