What’s your book worth?



Rare book dealer Ray Rickman.

If you have been holding on to a rare first edition, a unique signed book, or a highly-sought-after collector’s copy, now is your opportunity to find out what it’s worth. On Thursday, June 20 at 7p.m., rare book dealer Ray Rickman will hold his fun and revealing “Value of the Book” workshop at Linden Place, 500 Hope Street in Bristol.
Drawing on his many years of experience as a rare-book dealer, a former bookstore owner in Providence, and the former host of the Rhode Island Public Television program “Bestsellers,” Mr. Rickman will offer book evaluations in an Antiques Roadshow-type format. He will discuss which sorts of books tend to have high market values, explain characteristics that can influence the worth of a particular book, and offer complimentary estimates of up to three books for each participant in the workshop.
In addition to being a longtime rare-book dealer, Mr. Rickman is the founder of Rickman Group, a Providence-based management consulting firm that works with nonprofit organizations and private companies to improve their strategic, financial, and operational position and performance. He is also a former state representative, deputy secretary of state, and a past president of the Rhode Island Black Heritage Society. Mr.  Rickman lectures on a wide variety of cultural and historical topics pertaining to American literature and African American leaders, and conducts regular walking tours highlighting African American history in Providence.
Admission is $5 for Linden Place members and $10 for non-members.
Call 401/253-0390 or email Susan Battle, sbattle@lindenplace.org, for more information and to register for the program.



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