Tickets on sale now for the Bacchanale Ball at Rosecliff

Tickets on sale now for the Bacchanale Ball at Rosecliff


Revelers enjoy last year’s Braveheart Ball, which raised over $17,000 for Star Kids Scholarship Fund.
Hope Funds for Cancer Research designated beneficiary; Italian Polo Team guests of honor

The Newport Polo Club’s annual black tie charity gala is just a couple of weeks away, at 7 p.m. on August 2. It promises to be an exciting night of delicious food and dancing at Rosecliff, one of Newport’s most legendary Bellevue Avenue mansions.
It will also be a very profitable evening for one local charity: The Hope Funds for Cancer Research, which will be the recipient of the gala’s donor gifts and live auction. According to Dr. Eugene Kennedy, gala Ambassador and Hope Funds trustee, the charity “encourages investigation of innovative cancer treatment and detection for the most difficult-to-treat and understudied cancers,” by supporting scientific and medical research programs aimed at increasing knowledge relating to both cancer care and prevention.
The Ball is just one event in a weekend of festivities, including Saturday’s USA vs. Italy polo match followed by a champagne trophy presentation and annual Lobsterbake.
This year’s Bacchanale Ball is Newport Polo’s 13th annual International Polo Charity Ball, and the highlight of Newport’s polo season. For reservations and more information call 401/847-7090 or visit