Journalist David Wilson at RWU

David Wilson

David WilsonWhen acclaimed journalist David Wilson traced his genealogy to North Carolina, he not only discovered the plantation where his relatives were enslaved, but also a descendent of the slave master: a 62-year-old white man named David Wilson.

In his groundbreaking documentary film, “Meeting David Wilson” (2008), Wilson attempts to illuminate America’s persisting racial divide and struggle to talk about race in United States. A sought-after pundit for news programs from “World News Tonight” to “Today,” Wilson has emerged as a leading voice in the national conversation about race relations in the United States.

WHERE: RWU School of Law, Appellate Courtroom 283, 10 Metacom Ave., Bristol
WHEN: 7:30 p.m., Tuesday, April 1
COST: Free
MORE INFO: 401/254-3031


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