Westport River Watershed offers rain barrels

Rain barrels like this are being sold by the WRWA.

Rain barrels like this are being sold by the WRWA.

WESTPORT — The Westport River Watershed Association (WRWA) still has 55-gallon rain barrels available to the public for $30, which is more than half off retail price. These barrels, when hooked up to downspouts and drains, provide an ample supply of water that can be used for lawns, gardens, flower pots, car washing and other water needs.

They can save water and money by using rainwater instead of drinking water for uses around the house.  Water collected in rain barrels also prevents pollution by keeping rain water from flowing over paved surfaces, picking up pollutants such as fertilizer, pet waste, and motor oil, which eventually reach our rivers and streams.

Using rain barrels helps decrease your household’s impact on local streams and rivers. The Westport River Watershed Alliance encourages residents to participate in the Rain Barrel Program as stewards of the Westport River and the environment. This program provides an opportunity for residents to get involved and make a difference in the effort to keep our river clean for future generations.

Rain barrels are available at the WRWA office at 1151 Main Rd. from 10-4pm Monday thru Friday. Each barrel is made of 50 percent recycled material and comes with a spigot, screen, and down-spout adapter.  Payment may be made by check, credit card, or cash. Call the WRWA office at 508-636-3016 to inquire about availability.




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