Herreshoff Museum opening for the season

Herreshoff Museum opening for the season


N—Herreshoff—4.17.13As sure as the daffodils, the annual opening of the Herreshoff Marine Museum heralds the arrival of the warm season. If you have ever wondered what is in that enormous building with the boats on the front lawn, April 28 is the day to find out. Visit the Herreshoff Marine Museum on opening day, to see progress on the RELIANCE model project, enjoy a sale in the store, enjoy family activities, sign up for a class and learn to varnish or build a half hull this spring. Sign your kids up for overnight sailing camps aboard KESTREL, or rowing adventures in a wooden gig.

“The Herreshoff Museum is proud to offer need-based scholarships for students to attend our summer programs,” says Richard Feeny, Sailing Master and Director of Programs. “We raise funds for these scholarships because we believe boating and seamanship education should be a part of everyone’s life here in the East Bay.”

Field Trips and in-school programs are also growing at the Herreshoff Museum. “The story of the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company is the story of Bristol, it’s shipbuilding industry and the work ethic its citizens embody,” said Mr. Feeny. “It is also a story about innovative design, technology, and engineering. Our goal is to inspire the public through presentations and hand-on activities about the world-changing innovations that made history and began here at the old tannery, later known as Peacock Alley, home of the H.M.Co. The Herreshoff Marine Museum wants to tell these stories, with their timeless themes, to local school students.

They will be open Wednesday through Sunday in May; Tuesday through Sunday in June, July, August and September; Wednesday through Sunday in October; and Friday through Sunday in November and December.
For more information about their programs visit www.herreshoff.org/programs.


  1. Millions in commercial rental property are off the tax rolls for this.

    Just how much spending does this bring in for the town tax rolls?

    This will probably be taken down but it’s a legitimate question. The taxpayers of the Town deserve to know the answer. It’s a legitimate question for the Phoenix to ask.